Vanessa and Kem

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How We Met

Becoming newly single you can imagine not wanting to meet anyone new right away. You become naïve that you will never meet anyone that shares the connection you once had with your ex, especially if you just came out of a four-year relationship…well that was me. One of my best friends dared me to download a dating app and just “have fun” for a while. She told me she promised nothing serious would come out of this experience and it would be a great chance to just take life as it comes. So, I agreed. Ironically, I met (my now fiancé) on my FIRST day scrolling through the app…and let’s just say, the rest is history…oh, and my friend lied!

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While at work one day, he calls my office panicking. He tells me he needs me to come home right away because he has an emergency. Before I could even look up at my manager, she tells me I can leave (I later found he informed her of the plan a week before). I rush home to find him dressed up, and ready to “treat me to a night out”…this was the emergency? We arrive at one of the most well renowned luxury Chicago hotels, The Langham for “tea time” as they call it. Upon arrival, we are greeted with a harpist and a beautiful assortment of pastries along with a wide tea selection. The waiter comes out and tells me he has a wonderful surprise for me (the entire time I’m thinking it’s a fire flaming dessert but I was wrong). He walks over to our table and prompts me to open a rose-gold pineapple! As I open the top of the pineapple there laid a beautiful engagement ring. I look up at my boyfriend (then turned fiancé) and witness the biggest grin ever! How sneaky…but oh how cleaver. I’m the luckiest girl in the world. (And mind you, the connection I have with him far exceeds any expectation I’ve ever imagined). Trust in the process of letting go what no longer serves you, and you’ll soon end up in a place that serves you, well.

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