Vanessa and Jordan | "Here's Your Surprise Daddy!"

Daughter helps with the proposal

How we met: Jordan and I met when we were both going through some really hard times. My mother mentioned to me one day that she knew this great guy who she wanted me to meet, when I came home from work one evening, Jordan was at my house with his daughter, spending some time with my parents. We exchanged phone numbers and the rest was history.

Our relationship moved very quickly. Here’s a little time line:

April 5th 2013: We went on our first date.

April 6th 2013: Our first kiss!

April 18th 2013: We made it official and decided to commit to each other in a relationship.

April 20th 2013: We said “I love you”

April 21st 2013: We moved in together!

It was a busy year together, filled with lots of tough times that were outweighed by all of the great times. Which leads me to the proposal…

how they asked: My birthday is April 30th, and Jordan had mentioned doing something special as a celebration this year. Knowing my love of wine and great views, Jordan planned a trip for us to go on the Seneca Lake wine tour. I was under the impression that myself, Jordan, my best friend Caitlin and her boyfriend would be going on the trip. I was so disappointed when Caitlin told me the day before that she wasn’t going to be able to come. Little did I know, this was all apart of the plan. Jordan had talked to Caitlin months in advance and they had been working together to plan the engagement. Jordan had been planning since February, asking my father and step fathers permission, contacting the Belhurst Castle to make reservations, booking hotel rooms for everyone, but most impressively, keeping the ring hidden from his eager girlfriend! The day before the trip, Caitlin asked me to go get my nails done to make up for her missing out on my birthday trip, which I didn’t realize at the time, was a ploy to make sure that my nails looked great for the big proposal!

So Saturday the 26th, we got up bright and early to bring Jordan’s daughter, McKenzie to her grandparents for the day. We made the 3 hour long trip to Seneca Lake. On the way down, I had been looking at a few of the winery’s that Jordan had mapped out as being on the ‘wine trail.’ We had such a great time, tasting amazing wines, looking at beautiful views of the lake, and spending time together. The perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Around 5 o’clock the winery’s were closing and we were getting hungry. Jordan mentioned that there was one more place that he wanted to check out. Belhurst Castle.

We got there and started walking toward the winery when Jordan brought me into the dining room instead. He told the hostess that he had reservations, and she said she needed to check on things to make sure that it was ready. I was so confused about what was going on, I thought that we were going to get Sushi for dinner. But, she brought us into this area and opened a door to a small room, I walked in and waiting in the room was my mother and step father, Jordan’s parents, McKenzie, Caitlin, her boyfriend, Jordan’s best friend and his girlfriend.

As soon as I walked into the room, Kenzie ran up to Jordan with a small black box, and between her excited screams she said “here’s your surprise daddy!” I knew what was happening. Everyone was taking pictures, recording or crying right along with me. Jordan got down on one knee and said everything that I had ever hoped the man of my dreams would say to me when asking for my hand in marriage.

The rest was a huge celebration, a champagne toast followed by fantastic dinner and drinks. We ended the night at a hotel that everyone was staying in for the night.

Perfect is an understatement when I try to express how I feel about my engagement. I’m so lucky to have a man that knows me enough to plan the most amazing proposal I could dream of.

Daughter helps with the proposal

Daughter helps with the proposal

Daughter helps with the proposal