Vanessa and Jeff

Vanessa's Proposal in Disneyland

How We Met

Jeff and I met online a little over two years ago. We both had really busy lives, he is a paramedic and a father, while I was working as a nursing assistant and studying. We initially wanted to meet up for dinner for our first date, but because of my chronic health issues ended up not feeling well, but we still wanted to meet up. So we met at a park near my house. When I got there, he got out of his car with a dozen red roses and we decided to go for a drive up to a really beautiful lookout spot in the mountains.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

Vanessa and Jeff's Engagement in Disneyland

After our first date, as cliche, as it is, I think we both knew pretty quickly that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We enjoyed the same values, hobbies and an interest in the medical field. He has always supported me through my health issues and is the most dedicated father to his son, I could not feel more lucky to have him in my life.

Proposal Ideas Disneyland

How They Asked

Before Jeff and I met, Jeff hadn’t been to Disneyland in several years. He wasn’t that into Disney stuff, but I have and always will be a huge Disney fan. So in less than two years of dating, he and I ended up going four times and he enjoys it just as much as I do. I remember him saying comments about how it was cliche to propose at Disneyland and he wanted to do something more quiet and intimate. I figured Disneyland was still more my thing and he’d want to figure out something that was equally important to both of us. Little did I know, he had planned an entire Disneyland proposal for me.

All of my family and friends knew it was coming, but I was completely surprised. The day he proposed, he kept suggesting we go by the castle to get a cute couple’s picture in front of it. We made it over there early afternoon and he asked someone to take a picture of us and as I turned around, he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. Jeff definitely gave me my fairytale dream proposal and I could not have been more excited and ready to start the next phase of our adventure together.

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