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how we met

In Fall 2015 I wasn’t the only one who changed a job. I heard about a new colleague starting at the same company I was working. Her name was Vanessa. Just any Side-Information that is being dropped when chatting in between breaks with your co-workers. Never would I have known, that this woman would enter my life and change it into a completely new direction. As destiny sometimes plays its tolls, Vanessa and I were recruited to plan a company event. We kicked off a meeting to start planning. So far so good. Due to my parents good education, I went over to her office to say “Hi” and introduce myself. And this is where our story begins. On a very early morning in September of 2015. It starts with me saying “Hi,” and her stumbling over her bag. It starts with me being so distracted by her beauty, that I almost missed to catch her. This definitely was not a classic romantic situation, but it was so funny, that it is engraved in my heart for the rest of my life.

As someone coming from way up north of Germany, extraversion has never been a great feature of my character. Expressing feelings verbally never really was one of my strength. Call me a typical man, but deep down inside I am really worried. Even if I seem cool and in control. The moments spent with Vanessa, I definitely wasn’t. Vanessa on the other side comes from one of the areas in Germany, Hessen, which is known for its blatant, very direct, humorous, funny and confrontative nature. Like Yin and Yang we are contrary forces, complementary but interconnected and dependent from one another. As you can see, keeping up with her and getting her attention at that time, really was a challenge for me. But I knew it was worth it and I would have done anything to make her see me.

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In order to plan the company’s event, we had to find a suitable restaurant for the catering. So we chose to take a seat at a few restaurants. This was a heavens sent opportunity in order to get to know her better. Was I nervous? Yes, I was! I already was working on my checklist. Little did I know, that there was absolutely no need for this. Don’t talk too fast, but also not too slow, avoid that uncomfortable gaps between dialogues. Not talking too much, smile and hopefully no one will notice that deep down I am a total nerd!

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But the moment we sat down together all of the do’s and dont’s felt like dust in the wind. We laughed so much, and all the weight and insecurities fell of my shoulders, instantly in that warm and fuzzy feeling that connected us from the very first moment. We had so much fun together, that the company event really sometimes faded into the background. That night something happened between us. Whatever it was, we fell in love. All I could think of was her. All the time. And all she could think of was me. We were counting down days until the next dinner, and eventually went on a real date to shorten the time of the waiting. A relationship was being formed in a very natural and organic way. There was no need to declare something, it was just so clear as the blue summer sky. For the first time in my life I knew I have found the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I never wanted to let her go. We moved in together, organized our lives together… Soon I formed the thought of us as husband and wife and planned on a proposal that she would never forget.

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how they asked

Finding the right moment to propose was one of the biggest questions. So I chose that warm and cozy time between Christmas and new years eve. I chose the 27th of December 2016, because I really wanted to surprise her. Christmas, new years eve, or our anniversary would have been to obvious, and I really wanted to see her happy and unexpected.

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The 27th arrived and we started the day as we would usually do. She took our car to visit cologne and I took the bus and went to work. At lunch break I quickly went home. I bought roses and roses leafs that I had ordered beforehand at the local florist. I prepared the house and put the champagne into the fridge. Everything was ready. When I went to the door I turned around once more and saw the sea of roses and leafs and I thought to myself, “Now it’s time,” and I couldn’t believe it. I felt that warm and fuzzy feeling in my belly and smiled to myself. How many times did I think of this moment in my head. After work, Vanessa returned from cologne and picked me up. Together we drove home. I was so nervous. When I saw her face, everything got real. I was nervous but more convinced than ever, that this is the woman of my dreams that I want to marry. When we arrived I held her hand and lead her into the house. She was not suspicious at all. I unlocked the door, we entered the room, I started the music but I barely could hear it. My heart beat so fast. I went down on my knees and my voice was trembling when I asked her: “Vanessa, will you be my wife?”

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She answered after felt 0,04 seconds, and she said: “Yes” with tears filled up her eyes. I couldn’t have waited any longer for her to answer, and I was so happy. Time stood still, the Christmas tree standing right next to us, the festive decoration and that overwhelming feelings summed up in a perfect moment that we will never forget. my legs were still shaking even after hours after the proposal. In a wonderful way I have learned that you cannot do or say anything really wrong when you are with the right person. Today we are happily planning our wedding and are more than happy to spend the rest of our lives together, as a family.

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