Vanessa and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I met at Cal State Fullerton. It was the first day of the Spring semester and I walked into Business Maps (not even sure the point of the class).  Being a shy person I always sat at the back of the class, so my friend Yesenia and I found our seats in the last row.  Greg walked in and sat next to me.  He was cute and nice, but at the time we were both in serious relationships, so I didn’t think much of anything.  Fast forward a year and Yesenia asked me to go with her to one of Greg’s house parties, so there I went.  It was fun, but again nothing came of it.  We went to a few of his parties, but one particular day we go their early and he walked out of his room with no shirt on haha and I was like whoa!!  We joke about it now.  Things just kind of happened quickly after that, and maybe even too quickly seeing that we had just gotten out of our relationships.  He was young and not ready for a super serious relationship like I was.  We broke up a couple of times, but only for  2 or so weeks.  The last breakup was 8 months and much needed, as odd as that might sound.  In those 8 months, I found who I was outside of a relationship, but I always thought about Greg.  Then my dad got sick and passed within a month, it was devastating.  I reached out to Greg’s cousin and told her what happened and she told him.  A few days after the funeral Greg contacted me and the rest is history.  This was in December 2012 and we have been strong since.  Greg is a college basketball coach and moved to Northern California for a job and after 2 years of long-distance dating, I made the big move.  It has been a great journey full of adventure.

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This basketball season wasn’t as smooth as last year’s and it was hard on Greg and his players.  It was hard for me to watch knowing there was nothing I could do but be there for him.  My cousins and sister were in town visiting and it was also the last basketball game of the season.  We went to support after a day of wine tasting (my hair was a mess and I was wearing an oversized college shirt). Also in attendance were parents and kids from a youth basketball team he coaches on the off-season.  They have become like family. The team beat their rivals…it was a great game.  After the game, one of his players asked me to take a picture with the team, which was odd because I had never in the past.

After the picture was taken Greg walked in front of me and got down on one knee.  All of his players were cheering us on and I started crying.  Crazy to think that after everything we have been through over 8+ years we were here at this moment.  Greg is my best friend and greatest support system. I wish my dad was there, but I know he was with me.  Before he got really sick he told me “I will be here when you get married,” although he won’t physically be there and it will be bittersweet I know I will have him with me in some way.  2017-2018 basketball season will be one for the books.

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