Vanessa and Frank

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How We Met

Frank and I met in 2007 when were 16 years old during junior year of high school. We both went to the same high school and had a couple classes together. It all started when I had added Frank as a friend on Facebook back when it first became popular. Although we hadn’t talked in school yet, we started talking frequently on Aol Instant Messenger and texted each other nonstop. It wasn’t love at first sight for me, but after a whole year of talking (and Frank asking me out more than once), I started to really like him and wanted to be more than friends. On December 26, 2008, Frank asked me to be his girlfriend at my house while we were watching a movie for our Public Policy class.

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Over the past 7 1/2 years we have been together through some of the worst times (and best) in each other’s lives. We both know that we are there for each other through thick and thin. And although a lot of things have changed for the both of us over the years, we both know that we will always be there for each other and we are truly each other’s best friends.

how they asked

Frank’s father has a house out in East Marion, NY down the road from a private beach. Frank had planned a day out to the wineries and dinner, something that we have done often so I wasn’t suspicious, until he mentioned we weren’t sleeping here for the night. It takes a lot to throw me off and surprise me because I am a “detective” and ask a million questions. I kept telling my best friend Amanda that I was suspicious and I thought this would be ‘the day.” Both her and Frank would say things to throw me off. Frank changed the weekend we were supposed to go out east to also throw me off.

The weekend we went out there we first went to a winery and tasted some wine. As we were driving back to Greenport for dinner reservations at American Beech we found a mini golf place on the side of the road and stopped there to play for a little while. After that we had dinner at American Beech. During dinner I noticed Frank kept checking his phone and his watch. After we ate he told me that he wanted to get a drink at the bar for a little bit before we left. I didn’t know he was trying to stall for the sunset and champagne that would be hidden for us on the beach. I agreed until he changed his mind. He said we should leave and that he didn’t want to miss the sunset on the beach.

I thought he was acting odd, but I love that beach so I agreed. As we were driving back he told me he wanted to drive around the neighborhood because he hadn’t done it before and he thought it would be nice. I thought this was bizarre because I thought we were going to the beach, but I still wasn’t suspicious. What I didn’t know was his father and his father’s girlfriend were hiding a bottle of champagne for us down on the beach behind a rock for after Frank proposed to me. As Frank and I drove around the block from the house we passed them coming back from the beach in the car. At this point surprisingly I didn’t think anything of it.

When were at the house, I started to notice Frank was getting antsy and kept checking his watch, which I thought was weird. He kept checking his watch saying we were going to miss the sunset. I was wondering why he wanted to see the sunset so bad. Frank waited to take me to the beach until his brother got home so that he could take pictures of the proposal. When we walked down to the beach we got to this one rock that we always sit on when we go to the beach. Frank told me to sit down and then he turned me towards him and started to propose to me while the sun was setting.

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He said the most beautiful speech that I want to remember forever. His brother was hiding behind a rock taking a ton of pictures capturing the moment. After I said yes, we opened the champagne on the beach and took more pictures.

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When we got back to the house Frank told me that tomorrow we were going to have a big party at my parent’s house and his family and my family would be there, as well as my best friend Amanda (who I thought we were hanging out with that day for a day out with both our boyfriends in Port Jefferson).

I then remembered that my dad had told me that day we were celebrating Father’s Day because he and I would both be working. I realized my dad said that to make sure I was there for the engagement party. I also found out Frank had asked my dad two weeks before for my hand in marriage and he also had the ring for two weeks after he, my sister, my mom, my best friend Amanda, and my aunt went with him to my aunt’s jeweler to pick out the ring.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was just what I pictured, if not better than what I pictured, for a proposal. I wanted to remember every word Frank said to me and take everything in. I had waited for this moment for almost 8 years and we are both so excited to take this next step in our adventure together.

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