Vanessa and Darnell

how we met

We met while attending McGill University. We were both studying to become physical education teachers.

how they asked

After numerous conversations with his Godfather, Darnell felt confident and set out to purchase ‘the ring’. Feeling assured with his jeweler, life through him a curve ball…the shop was closed! As fate would have it, there was an open jeweler right next door! Darnell told the jeweler that he originally sought out his competitor but ensured that if he could design something nice and on budget, he would not seek out the competitor! On September 28, 2018 Darnell had the ring in hand and got right down to business by making a reservation to a restaurant they had been eyeing. When Darnell got to their apartment, already late for their reservation, he started getting ready. He had turned on ALL the lights and Vanessa did not understand why, since they’d be leaving momentarily. She even told him “I do not understand why you have to open all the lights, we’re about to leave!?”. As she sat down on the couch, she was not paying attention, however after a few seconds she FINALLY looked over to see him on one knee… and the rest is history!

Special Thanks

J. Stud Studio
 | Photography
Central Park
 | Location