Vanessa and Danny

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How We Met

As I was in the police academy, and Vanessa was in her nursing program, coincidentally and luckily we were across from each other. As I was in line running every morning and doing my drills, every morning would notice her walk to her class and one of those times she crossed my path, at that moment I knew she was special, beautiful, and i had to find out more.

One day after class I was walking into the parking lot and guess who parked right in front t of my car! Vanessa!

As I approached my car and we began to walk towards each other, I stopped her and asked in the most awkward way. “I know this is going to sound weird, but i can’t stop thinking about you, would you like to go get something to eat?” We both started laughing and she said yes ! …The rest is history..until she said “yes” again 12/9/2017!

how they asked

I told Vanessa we should have a BBQ Saturday night with both of our families to celebrate the holiday season. I planned to do this at my dads backyard because she is way too curious and would have found out any other way! That morning which time my dad and I had set up the backyard with christmas light scattered around and tiki torches lit up, and string lights across the backyard (her favorite) in our initials. I took Vanessa outside to “take pictures” we I sat down on a wooden bench gazed at all the lights, and i put the phone on record but the brightness was really low so she wouldn’t notice it was on video. I told her we could put the “timer”.

I began to tell her I’ll be with her through the ups and downs no matter the situations as she has always been there for me no matter what, and it was a crazy year for both of us. The peg board filled with lights, I filled it with colored lights, and “will you marry me? in only red lights. It had a turn off switch and a hand controller which was in my pocket along with the ring. i was so nervous she would hear the click ! I told Vanessa to look at the sign one more time at which time, by this time she was super nervous and knew what question could be on the sign and was SO NERVOUS to look back. When she finally did I turned off the switch and only the letters in red popped up and said, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” as i got down on one knee.

Fair to say she said yes after not wanting to let go of our longest hug yet!

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