Vanessa and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I initially met through a family function, but not really noticing him at first, we actually met a little while later via Facebook. Since then we have become best friends; talking everyday and really getting on (we were both in relationships at the time). 4 years later and having been through difficult pasts and situations, it only seemed like fate that the both of us would find each other and fall in love really quick. In the summer of 2015, he was leaving for a 3 month trip to the Seychelles and was looking to see me one last time. Not really feeling anything for him at the time, i agreed to going out for a drink but after that night it dawned on me so fast that I actually had feelings for Chris and was so desperate to see him again before he left. So I asked him to go to the movies with me and was so excited to have a little “date”. after that night I knew for sure that I did have feelings and was so upset that he would be leaving for 3 months (which felt like a lifetime now). Fast forwarding to 2017, we are happily together and in love raising our beautiful son.

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how they asked

In May 2017, we decided to have our first family holiday together with our son to our home in the beautiful Seychelles. It was perfect from beginning to end. On that special night, Chris took me and our boy (along with our friends who were secretly in on the proposal) to a hotel which had a private gazebo with a candle lit dinner overlooking the ocean.

Vanessa and Chris's Engagement in Seychelles, Praslin

Whilst we were having dinner, Kai (our baby) was with our friends in the hotel bar to give us some alone time. Little did I know that he had had a quick outfit change into his now called ‘proposal suit’. So after dinner, Chris excused himself to go to the ‘bathroom’ while I sat enjoying the beautiful ocean view and calm night breeze. on his return he was holding our baby and handed me a box (bigger than a ring box, so I had no idea it would be an engagement ring). whilst I tried fighting with that stupid box for what seemed like 10 minutes, Chris had got down on one knee and turned Kai around so I could read what was written on his babygrow.

Suddenly I saw the ring in the box after finally opening it and reading Kai’s grow, I literally burst into tears. Through the tears I said yes and he took the ring and put it on. it felt like the rest of the night was a little bit of a blur as I was so lost in the moment and couldn’t stop staring at my ring. saying yes to my wonderful boyfriend and father of my child literally makes me the happiest woman alive.

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