Vanessa and Breno

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Saddle River Inn

How We Met

We met 16 years ago in Brazil. His parents divorced and his mom returned to Brazil. So she basically obligated him to live there for a year. (My luck) We met at a bus stop. My friend and I were waiting for a bus to take us to a restaurant/bar when his cousin spotted us the other side of the street, his cousin knew my friend. So he stopped the car and offered us to drive us to the place. He wanted my phone number but I didn’t give to him. The only thing he got from me was the place I was working. His mom still tells everyone about that day, he came home and told her he met his wife, and the mother of her grandchildren. So the next day he showed up at my job, asked me to have lunch together and after that we never separated.

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So we’ve been together for almost 16 years. We were dating long distance for 1 year and 7 months. I was in Brazil and he was here in the US. So we decided to get married, it was more like a decision to end the long-distance relationship. He went to Brazil and we got married only in the city hall. But that dream of a proposal, a ceremony and a wedding never left us, as the years went by, lots of things kept coming and priorities never made room for our dream to become true. We got pregnant, we lost that precious baby boy. We got pregnant again, we had a beautiful daughter and 4 years later we welcomed another baby girl. Problems came, we almost got divorced but our desire to stay together never let us be apart and end our marriage. So this year, he came and told me he wanted to stop talking about a wedding and really start planning it. I was very happy.

Vanessa and Breno's Engagement in Saddle River Inn

So he planned a surprise proposal for me. Invited me to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. When we got there, A man was filming and told us he was working with the owner to make an article. And if we didn’t mind to say a couple of words about the restaurant etc. I thought wow! Breno will love that. Because he’s good friends with the owner.

So the guy filmed us entering the place Then we when upstairs to supposedly say something about the restaurant, and he got in one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it. I just laugh so much. I was waiting for this moment my whole life! So so happy!

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