Vanessa and Brayan

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How We Met

An introverted nerd and an extroverted jock fall in love. Sounds cliche but that’s always been us — cheesy as hell.

Our love story began in 2012, our senior year of high school. Although we did not have any classes together, we did share the same lunch period and had a couple of mutual friends. We became fast friends because Brayan would save me a spot in the lunch line every day. Halfway through the school year, I was transferred to a different English class, which unknowingly Brayan was in. We saw more of each other and our friendship continued to grow.

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I always thought Brayan was cute but I had no idea he had any interest in me. The first hint occurred when Brayan asked my best friend for my phone number and we began texting each other regularly. My suspicion was confirmed when Brayan’s friend revealed that Brayan had a crush on me while on our way to a soccer game. After realizing he liked me, I started going to all his soccer games. I attended just about every soccer game that school year!

I knew he was the whole package: funny, smart, athletic, family oriented, ambitious, handsome, tall, and more. We became inseparable. He would walk me to each class, we would hang out after school every day, and we even decided to go to prom together. I was a little bummed that he hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet. But finally, after what felt like forever, Brayan asked me to be his girlfriend when picking me up to go to prom.

Six years have passed and along with that a lot of growing up and many life changes. However, we continue to be those same kids in love.

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How They Asked

This day was absolutely perfect. It consisted of everything I love: horses, nature, family, and friends.

We made plans to go riding to our favorite trail in Natchez Trace. We ride up to a beautiful clearing in the hills and stop to take photos. He tells me to close my eyes and this is when I started getting a sense of what he was up to. He tells me to open my eyes and I turn around to him down on one knee with the most beautiful ring! He asks me to marry him, words I did not expect to hear for another few years. Of course, I said yes!!!

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Vanessa and Brayan's Engagement in Primm Springs, TN

We finished the trail and when we arrived home there was a beautiful arch set up as well as rose petals leading towards the house. As I follow the rose petals a mariachi band begins playing a beautiful love song and my family and friends pop out to congratulate us.

I loved that I had a special private moment with him during the proposal but still got to celebrate with my loved ones right after. It was better than anything I could have imagined and I am so excited to be Mrs. Orozco soon!

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