Vanessa and Brandon

How We Met

My fiancé and I met back when we were in high school. We both worked together at a movie theatre together.

how they asked

February 25th 2017 started off just like any other Saturday. I was working on some planning for school and Brandon was at work. That evening I had plans to meet for coffee with one of my good friends, Anjeza. It was around 7:30 when Anjeza picked me up. We headed to Tim Hortons, grabbed our coffees and began to chat. About 10 minutes into our conversation one of Brandon’s friends, Ron, arrived. He approached the table and made some small talk.

Suddenly Anjeza pulled out an envelope from her purse that read “Chapter One.” Chapter One Tears immediately filled my eyes because I knew that Brandon was behind all of this. “Is this what I think it is?” I remember asking Anjeza. I opened the envelope and inside was a sweet letter from Brandon. At the end of the letter, Brandon wrote about my favourite restaurant (anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Leaf Grill). The letter told me to go to Leaf Grill because there was a reservation under my name. Anjeza, Ron and I rushed into the car and headed to Leaf Grill.

When we arrived, a friendly hostess led us to a table in the back. Chapter Two Sitting at the table were my sister, Alexis, and brother-in-law, Dustin. They handed me a rose and another envelope. Inside the envelope was another super cute letter from Brandon. Throughout this letter, Brandon spoke about our first date and what a great time we had. That was my clue. Our next stop was Dairy Delite where Brandon and I had our first date over 4 and a half years ago. Chapter Three We pulled into the parking lot of Dairy Delite and I was given my next clue. Inside this envelope, Brandon wrote about how important his family is to him and how special it was introducing me to them.

I knew this was my clue and we were off to Brandon’s house. Chapter Four We arrive at Brandon’s house and were greeted by his family. Brandon’s mom, Selena, grandma, Joanne, two sisters, Harriet and Jessica, and nephew, Noah, were all there waiting for me with another rose and envelope. Throughout this letter, Brandon spoke about where we met: Silver City. We both worked together at Silver City throughout high school and University. Silver City is special to both of us because it is where we met and where our story began. Chapter Five We arrive at Silver City and I saw one of our former managers, Kristie, right away. She came over and handed me another rose and envelope. In this letter, Brandon wrote about my family. This clue led me to the final stop on this hunt: my house.

Chapter Six I opened the front door to my house and heard our song, John Legend – All of Me, playing. My two parents greeted me with big hugs. They handed me my final envelope. Throughout this letter, Brandon wrote about how special our relationship is to him and how he can’t wait to start our life together. As I walked through my kitchen, my 95-year-old Nonno greeted me. He handed me a rose and gave me a big hug. I walked downstairs and saw Brandon, along with both of our families. Brandon began by thanking our families and friends for being involved in the proposal (it was so perfect for me)!!! He shares a few incredibly sweet words with me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Surrounded by our families and friends, I said yes! We are so happy and incredibly excited to start this next chapter together.

Image 1 of Vanessa and Brandon