Vanessa and Blake

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How We Met

Every couple has their love story, but ours is my favorite… Blake and I graduated from different state school. He graduated from the University of Georgia and I graduated from the University of Florida. Yes we are rivals! During football season, this is the only time when I choose not to be on his team !!! As we are both from different states, everyone asks “So how did you meet”? We met in the oldest city in Florida, St. Augustine on a family vacation in 2012. Blake, my fiance is from a small lovely southern town, Adel Georgia. I am from a city with the most beautiful beaches, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL. While shopping with my family on a random Wednesday afternoon in June, I made eye contact with the most stunning, funny, & smart man standing outside “Mi Casa Cafe”, a charming tavern with home made sangria, live music and a place to meet new friends. While we both made eye contact, I looked down and kept walking and then I looked at my mom and said “I am feeling butterflies and this sounds crazy, but this may be my future husband.” My mother said, you will never know if you keep walking, so let’s go back and have a sangria and see what happens.

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As we return to Mi Casa Cafe, he immediately knew I came back for him. He was sitting at a high top surrounded by his family. We were both nervous to say hi to each other as we were with our families, so thankfully, his sister Christy broke the ice and came over to our table and asked where we were from. Soon after, Blake came to join us and we immediately hit it off. While some time went by, my mother asked if his family would like to join us at San Sebastian winery for wine and cheese. They kindly accepted and so we met again that afternoon. Blake and I sat close by and chatted the night away. We also shared our first kiss that evening before parting ways back to our cities :) Since our first encounter, two months have passed…. We talked on the phone every night, but we lived far from each other so it was not easy to make plans…In a few short weeks it was time to return back to school and start my senior year of college at the University of Florida. On a Friday morning, I spontaneously packed my bags, got in the car, and called Blake on my way to him and said “I’m on my way to see you this weekend. Cancel all your plans or make me a part of them”.

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Most importantly, I wanted to see where “Us” would lead. I had lots of questions…..Will we have chemistry? Is he really as perfect as he seems? What are his friends like? That weekend we went to his best friend’s college gradation and it was very convenient since I also had the pleasure of meeting Blake’s mom (as I only met his dad’s side of the family and sister in St.Augustine). Before the weekend ended. He had already introduced me as his girlfriend…I was excited! A few months before I graduated from college as an interior designer, Blake was accepted to medical school in Savannah Georgia. He then asked me to move with him. I said yes. Four years later, Blake proposed at the Westin Hotel on New Year’s Eve at a black tie event thirty minutes before midnight. I always told him that 2016 is my year and#16 is my favorite number. So we were engaged in 2016, yet we celebrated into 2017 with a new start to the year as an engaged couple. In May of 2017, Blake graduated from Mercer Medical School as an Emergency Medicine physician and accepted a job offer at UF Shands in Jacksonville Florida. We both live in the beautiful historic district of Avondale. Our wedding is planned for 2018 at Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club in Jacksonville. To be continued….

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how they asked

Blake knew that on the day we get engaged, that I would like to be dressed up and have my makeup and nails done. So he nailed it by organizing a black tie event for new year’s eve at the Westin in Savannah Georgia. Thirty minutes before midnight he asked me to dance while a great band was playing. Shortly after he said “lets go out near the water and look at the stars”. I had my back turned to him while he got down on one knee. He asked me to turn around. Then I completely lost it. Tears started rushing down my face while he said ” Vanessa Christin Heidersberger, will you marry me”??? Of course I said yes! yes! yes! and finally!!!!

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We have been dating for five years and I was anxious for us to finally be engaged. Blake had a photographer arranged to take photos of our engagement. He was hired by the Westin for the event, yet Blake called and asked a few days prior to see if he may get in touch with their photographer to take photos of our engagement the evening of the event. Blake thought all the details through. I’m so glad he did! While I was crying and jumping into Blake’s arms, he whispered into my ear to wipe my tears that we have a photographer taking photos. All of our engagement photos have many happy tears and barely any of them are without, yet I love them the most. Our proposal photos are in the moment and there is not another moment that my emotions could be better captured.

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Special Thanks

John Alexander
 | Photographer
Jenna Clark
 | Photographer