Vanessa and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met when he was 19 and I was 17 years old.. we met in english class at the college we both applied to unintentionally.. fate had brought us together. I was there in class hearing him present his project and taught to myself there could not be someone cuter than this.. he was so nervous and all I could do was encourage him by asking questions and applauding. We then met through common friends once again weeks later at a club where he was Djing, he came up to me and said “Aren’t you in my english class” and then we all had a great time that night… the days went by and we kept speaking and getting to know one another. Weeks later he was djing another event and finally worked up the courage to invite me. Therefore I happily agreed since I “secretly liked him” and went to the club with all my friends, at the end of the night I was leaving when we ended up in the staircase, we locked eyes and kissed and ever since that first kiss it has been the best roller coaster ride with him. After that night we hung out day and day out and he than decided to take me to the first place we kissed and asked me out April 21st 2012. On the very same day 5 years later in Las Vegas on April 21st 2017 Anthony asked me to marry him and spend the rest of his life with him.

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how they asked

We landed in vegas Thursday April 20, 2017. Little did I know that would be the best trip of my life. Anthony had told me that he had a dj gig/ meeting that was very important on the Friday night ( April 21st) at the Bellagio hotel at 8:30PM sharp! I was his “manager” so he was giving me the run down since we took off on the plane from Montreal about this meeting. That day we went to a pool party and Anthony was very odd and very nervous, but I didn’t think anything of it other than he is just very nervous for his meeting. 6:00 PM came around the corner and I started getting ready, Anthony had told me “You need to look the best ever for this meeting” so I proceeded to get ready.

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We were out the door on our way to the Bellagio, We stood by the fountains for 15-20 minutes, then walked indoors, grabbed a bite and then walked back out at 7:40PM, we had agreed to watch the fountains from 8:00-8:15 then walk back in and go to the meeting. As we were watching the fountains and the Las Vegas strip all I could think to myself was ” what a dream it would be to get proposed to here”. Anthony then wrapped his arm around me and started talking about how much he loves me and cannot believe its 5 years and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and there is something he is been meaning to tell me. I lost sight of him, to turn around and see him on his knee asking me “Vanessa will you marry me?”.

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A photographer then started snapping away and my friends jumped out of the bushes only to my surprise that my whole family back home was watching the proposal on Facetime, from my friends phone, while she was hiding in the bushes.

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Everyone screamed high and low, we then popped champagne, did a mini photo shoot and walked the strip. We arrived to the restaurant later to eat. When dessert arrived they were cupcakes with all stands reading “she said yes” “future Mrs Pag” “V&A” “love”. Later that night I got back to my hotel room to find flower petals from the front door all the way to the bed and a t shirt lay there reading “I SAID YES” with chocolate covered strawberries. I then had the best trip of my life and had to head back to reality.. back home.

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Anthony and I got to the airport only to find the whole entire family there at midnight cheering “CONGRATULATIONS” in team bride and team groom shirts with flowers, champagne, cookies and presents. My fairy-tale came to life and I never want it to end. My smile is so contagious and my heart is filled with pure happiness. I am so over the moon and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with Anthony by my side.

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Special Thanks

veronika paventi
 | Videographer
ramez gabra
 | Planning
lia borsellino
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