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How We Met

“Our universe grants every soul a twin—a reflection of themselves—the kindred spirit – And no matter where they are or how far away they are from each other—even if they are in different dimensions, they will always find one another. This is destiny; this is love.” – Julie Dillon

There was a day that Vanessa Maria Ruiz decided that it was time for her to start looking, to again try to find love, because she believed in her heart, that her soul mate was still out there. Anthony Francis De Maria did the same. He looked at himself and his life, the experiences he had lived and decided that out there somewhere was a special girl that God had made for him, and he couldn’t let her down. Back into the world, they walked to find each other. Unlike times before, though, this time they did.

Albeit through less traditional methods, they met. There was the spark. They saw potential in each other; her smile and heart and his kindness and love. They spoke for seemingly infinite hours and were still never able to get enough of each other. They shared their favorites, their life stories, their pains, and troubles. They began to support each other in ways that only your significant other can. She won his attention and hers, his.

As time passed, they grew closer. She needed him and he needed her. She met his family, and they welcomed her. He met her family, and they welcomed him. Just like each other, their families saw the potential, the loving, caring, affectionate people they each had been raised to be and how they complimented each other. The spark had grown into an undeniable flame, and the flame continued to grow.

Time continued forward, posing challenges and their flame persevered. They continued to keep the other in mind, prioritizing their love. They shared good times and bad, either way being there, supporting each other in ways only a soul mate can. They began to reflect that realization, it could be real. Their love was confirmed, it had finally been spoken.

She began to hint to him that she wanted something more. He felt stupid calling her his girlfriend because she was more than that to him. He realized what he had in her and he began to think. While she would watch TV, he would think. While they would eat, he would think. While she would sleep, he would think. He would think about their future, he would think about their life. He would think about what she would look like holding their baby and about how off key she would be when she sang their child a lullaby. He would think about holidays at their home, with their families and their Christmas tree. He thought about how they would grow old, still loving each other. He had thought enough.

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how they asked

He knew she wanted special, she deserved it after all. He spoke with his family and they celebrated. They offered something special and with tears in his eyes, he accepted. It was his time to shine, like the diamond his great-grandmother once wore. He planned and planned and planned. He spoke with her Mom and Dad and asked for their blessing. They gave him their blessings and he told them of his plans. Everyone was ready; they saw the potential in them.
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He tricked her. He tricked her good. She walked through the tunnel realizing he was ready, but as I said he tricked her. He was ready for quite some time. As the guitarist played their song, and as their families stood and watched, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was what he needed to do after all, they are soul mates. She cried and said yes. He saw something new in her eyes he had never seen before and she, the same.

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Anxiously, they await their wedding. He still thinks, but now she does too. They think about their day, their future, their family. They think about their love and how, unbelievably, it still continues to grow. “This is destiny; this is love.”

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We are getting Married on November 9, 2018, at The Fox Hollow. Same place where the groom’s parents got married 41 years prior.

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Special Thanks

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Lenz Winery
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