Vanessa and Andy

how we met

We first met down in Florida in 2014. Andy had just started dental school and I had been working at an aquarium for a few months. Florida isn’t exactly the easiest place to date when you’re young, so we were both on Tinder at the time. I was the one to message him first when I saw “Minnesota native” in his bio. I grew up in Iowa and thought we would have at least a few things to talk about having both moved from the Midwest. Turns out, I was right. One date turned into two, turned into 10, turned into 6 years!

how they asked

Andy proposed on July 4, 2019 after nearly 5 years together. We had planned a canoe camping trip to Voyageurs National Park for the holiday weekend. Our first campsite was right on the water, and we spent the evening enjoying the peace and quiet (and a few s’mores!) in front of the campfire. At one point, I leaned over to Andy and joked that this would be a wonderful place to propose to someone. “Well, guess what?” he said and pulled a ring out of his pocket! I was so surprised that I kept asking him if it was a real ring and if he had actually meant to propose. Even the next morning, I asked him again to make sure it hadn’t all been a dream!

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