Vanessa and Andrew

How We Met: Andrew and I went to the same high school and were in the same grade, so we always knew one another, but it wasn’t until our senior year that we started dating.

how they asked: On Saturday, Andrew ditched me early in the morning with a quick yell to me as I was in the shower that he would see me later. I don’t know how you would have reacted, but I was pissed! It was the most beautiful, cloudless, 70’s day and I wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend enjoying the weather. Since there wasn’t much I could do, I went on with my day slightly annoyed with my lovely boyfriend. About a half hour later, my mom came to my house and picked me up for a morning of shopping. We did some clothes shopping and some patio furniture shopping and honestly it was a very normal time. So, around 1PM my mom dropped me back off and said she would see my Sunday…that was that.

3PM came along and my sister, Victoria, shows up at my house and we decided to go to one of our favorite spots (Gunk Haus) to grab lunch. We had some wine and burgers and enjoyed the view of the gunks (mountains) and then headed back to my house to hang out…or so I thought. As soon as I opened my house door Victoria looks at me and says “put on your new dress” ( I had just bought a gorgeous dress the week before that I have been dying to wear, but had no occasion)…I looked at her with so much confusion and asked “why?” over and over with no response. So, I went inside and started getting ready; apparently I was taking too long, so she finally told me I was going on a date with Andrew and that she was going to bring me to meet him. I started to get a little nervous as we got in the car and she immediately started playing my favorite music (anything Hozier), BUT i didn’t really freak out, until we started pulling into the Vanderbilt Mansion Estate. A long time ago I had told him that I would love to get engaged there because it is so gorgeous full of amazing views of the Hudson river and the mountains. Anyways…we pulled into our parking spot and Victoria said we were going to go for a little walk. About a minute later we were walking up to a handsome man on a bench with flowers and champagne waiting for me. Ahhh the thought of that moment still takes my breath away,

I walked up to Andrew and he grabbed my hands, told me I looked beautiful and said some of the most amazing words I have ever heard. Then with the words Vanessa Nicole Pratts, he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t believe it! I fell into his arms and couldn’t stopped hugging him! As he lifted me off my feet, I heard my sister say “You can come out mom!” Ahhhhh, again, my breath was taken away…my mom was there the whole time taking pictures from behind a tree. What an amazing day!