Vanessa and Adam

How We Met

July 23rd 2014, perhaps the hottest evening of the summer. The city was a blazing temperature of 90 degrees with humidity well at its peak. Adam and I met for their first date at Grand Bar, the eclectic lounge on the second floor of The Soho Grand hotel. Following the bartender’s recommendation, we started our night off with a round of the venue’s signature “Grand Margarita” drinks. The round turned into another and through conversation and chemistry, we both knew right then and there that our lives would change forever.

how they asked

Super late as usual, I rushed to our parking garage to get the car to drive to spin class, which I take every Tuesday in my old Brooklyn neighborhood. When I got to the garage, the parking attendant looked at me sort of funny, almost on the verge of laughing to himself. Unbeknown to me, Adam had taken the car from the garage just a few hours prior. I, self-consciously, felt as if the lot attendant was judging the communication ‘skills’ of our relationship. (How dare he!!)
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So I then hailed a cab and I hustled off to Brooklyn – frustrated as ever. The night went on, spin class was good as always, and eventually I made it back home, via a cab, of course. I had been home for maybe a half hour when Adam walked in. He seemed a bit jittered and I questioned where he had gone with the car. His response was that he had lined up a last minute client meeting out in Long Island. I proceeded to interrogate (because it can be fun) and said – that was one long client meeting. His answer – we decided to go out for a bite to eat in the area. Next question…I asked Adam what he ate for dinner, and the answer might have been one of the worst responses known to mankind. “Chips and salsa” he said. Coming from a guy who chooses sweets over snacks and sugar over salt….Adam definitely buckled under pressure in this situation. All I could do was question this bizarre story and just laugh.

That same night, shortly after my successful interrogation, Adam asked me if I would like to have dinner the next night. I said “of course” – not thinking too much of it, I figured it was a simple and sweet gesture to set a dinner date and for us to block out time for one another.

Somehow I got the sense that this was it. I started thinking about the possibility of him popping the question, but then put it out of my head – bearing the fear of being disappointed had this not been the case.

The next day was Wednesday September 9th and I was off to work and looking forward to our dinner. This had been the first night we were apart since we moved in together. Adam had an early meeting in New Jersey and spent the night in a hotel nearby the area he had to be early that morning. Throughout the day, I heard from Adam many times, which is not unusual. Then at around 3pm, he made a request completely out of the ordinary and asked if I minded to not come home after work as he was hosting something with a business colleague at our place. He promised me the “meeting” would be done by a specific time and that I could then come back. Now I knew something was brewing! For one, Adam would not hold any type of meeting in our home without letting me know well in advance, and even if he did, he would certainly ask me to come home early so that I can say hello. In any event, the text messages began to come in much more frequently now and he was checking up on my “status at work” and asked me continuously what time I would expect to be home. As I shopped around to kill some time (given Adam’s “meeting” at the apartment), I began to feel excited. I wasn’t even sure if I was right, but I started to feel like this is it. This is going to be a night that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

When I got yet another text – this one being the message informing me that the “meeting” was over, I raced home. I walked through the front door and Adam was standing there looking especially handsome and somewhat calm J ~ he took my hand and led me outside to our terrace. Once we stepped outside, I saw how beautiful everything looked. Adam had rearranged the furniture and had potted all new plants to line the terrace. Waiting for me was a candle lit dinner, neighbored by a nice bottle of Champagne on ice.

Before I knew it, Adam kneeled down, showed me the ring, and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, he seemed quite relieved. I knew it had been a long two days of running around and planning for him.

And yes, Adam did come forth to make note that he did not have a client meeting the prior night, when actually he had taken the car to Queens and had been with my father and grandparents asking for my dad’s blessing. This truly warmed my heart… and also confirmed that Adam’s lying skills are pretty much non-existent. The chips and salsa dinner really gave it away!

The rest of the night was euphoric and celebratory. It truly was a night that I could never, ever forget.

Image 2 of Vanessa and Adam

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