Vanesa and Oscar

Canoeing was one of my wishes when we first started dating and Oscar surprised me with a canoeing trip for my 20th birthday, which happened to be five years ago.

Fast forward to 2014, five years after our very first date. I noticed Oscar had been acting very sweet for a couple of weeks. I had the afternoon off that Saturday and Oscar told me he wanted to go canoeing on Lady Bird Lake. We get to canoeing and while we were canoeing he mentions that he wants to go towards where all the buildings are in downtown Austin. I almost ruined my own suprise. I was about to ask him if we can go to OUR spot by the shore. He mentions that he wanted to show me a music video he had made in hopes of getting more views than the last video he made. I was clueless. He was sitting in the front seat, and was getting ready to play this video for me. As he tries to get up, I start screaming almost in tears because I can feel the canoe tipping over and were about to fall off. It is also November 1st, which happened to be a chilly day, not to mention how cold the water was.. The canoe started tipping and I was frantically finding myself pleading for him to stop! He, however, thought it was hilarious to see me the way I was. All I keep thinking is “holy cow, we are about to fall out and freeze our hiney’s off and I did not bring anything to change into.” He manages to keep the canoe stable. THANK GOD!

Oscar hands me his phone, where he begins playing “More than Words,” which happens to be his favorite song, and I start seeing pictures of us of when we first met, and all the pictures of our 5 year relationship. I laughed so much watching these images. Some of which I look hideous in and many pictures that I had no absolute clue as to how he got them. My laughter soon after turned into tears. He began playing my favorite song by my favorite Mexican Band, Camila. As soon as “Todo Cambio” began to play, I began hideously (I am sure) crying with mascara running down my face. The gesture of him was so sweet, yet I still had no idea what was about to happen. The very last slide said “one day.” For years, he convinced me that one day we would get engaged, get married, have a place of our down, and have little bambinos running around. One day seemed so far in the distancce that I never imagined it would happen any time soon.

Back to the proposal. I am sure you are all wondering “so what happened next?!?!?” I put his phone down on my lap. I look up and I see Oscar’s eye begin to get watery. He says ” Vanesa, I want to marry you.” In my disbelied I begin telling him “yeah, right! You’re playing with me. You are not being serious” all while I was crying and laughing at the same time. He begins to reassure me by saying “No, Vanesa, I want to marry you. I knew that five years ago, I would bring you to this very same spot and propose. I would get down on one knee but you are freaking out the moment I try to get up. Vanesa, will you marry me?” Of course, I said YES!!! All my life I had waited for this moment to happen and it was finally happening to me! He tries to get “my ring” and tosses it in the water. Do not worry, he had purchased a fake ring. I just watch the ring keep falling deep in the water. I did not even care about the ring. I was so caught up in the moment. I was so nervous. I just could not believe it was happening. He began telling me that he had my ring, but did not want me to toss it in the water. He keeps paddling as I am in disbelief that my dream finally came true. He says look to your left. All I remember is saying “there’s MORE!?!?” I see my grandmother and my two sisters be witnesses of the happiest day of my life. He knew that I wanted to have my grandma be a part of every important event in my life. He knew how to do it just right. They were able to take pictures of our magical moment. Good thing my nails were done! (My sister got us to have a girls night. We had wine, dinner, and getting pampered by getting my nails done all while Oscar was at home asking for my hand inmarriage). Not to mention that I got my dream ring. My proposal was very well planned out and I think there was not better way of him doing it. It was just simply perfect. I was so excited and was on cloud 9. I was restless for 2-3 days, I just could not sleep. I could not believe my dream finally came true.

Image 1 of Vanesa and Oscar