Vandini and Krishna

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How We Met

My brother had just started dating her best friend. Vandini had never dated anyone before, so her best friend and my brother decided to try and set us up together. They made the most awkward plan and decided to make us meet over a short night drive. They were like “So Krishna, whats your favorite color. Oh wow, Vandini is wearing that color, you’ll have something to talk about, ENJOY”. So the both of us were like “Who the hell is that person…” and did not really speak or meet each other for the next few months. Then at my Sisters wedding cocktail party (6 months later), my brother invited her and when she came I was pretty much all over her and knew that she was the one.

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how they asked

The proposal happened in December in Chicago, on the rooftop of the London House Hotel. It was a complete surprise. She was studying in Chicago, and I was in Mumbai. I wanted to completely surprise her and decided to fly down to Chicago to do my surprise.

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The flights to Chicago from Mumbai was really long. It was an 8-hour flight to Paris, 6-hour halt in Paris and 8 Hours to Chicago. I had to make up the most outlandish lie, I told her I have work in Bangladesh and had to go there. I told her the direct flight from was over $1,000 and a one-stop flight via Sri Lanka was $200 so I was taking that. All of this was to ensure that the time was accounted for and she wouldn’t think or presume that something is fishy.

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When I was in Mumbai, 3 months prior I started planning for this. Found a few locations, a great Videographer, and photographer to capture the event, a decorator to create something special and beautiful. I chose London House because of the amazing rooftop, and the fact that they were so helpful and great with letting me plan this to what I wanted.

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They even allowed me to get a guitar singer who would play some of her favorite songs. So when I got to Chicago, I rushed to my hotel and went to see the location with my photographer Liz. Everything looked amazing an I couldn’t wait to do this. I was going to propose to her the next day. Until that day, I pretended to be super busy with work in Bangladesh, and with the time difference etc.. we barely spoke (Thank god, otherwise I would have surely let something slip).

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Her friend who was visiting her from college was great in helping me get Vandini to the location. She told her she wants to meet her childhood friend who is in Chicago for a day, and they have to go to London House. She got her all dressed up and ready to come.

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The videographer (Charlie) was super great in helping me with everything as well. He suggested that he would go to the elevator and pretend to be filming a video for the hotel and ask the girls to be a part of it. When she came, she was completely unaware, and as soon as she walked up the stairs she saw me and was completely shocked and that’s how it all happened.

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