Vana and Rondell

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How We Met

I met Rondell in 2002 at a religiousfunction in a temple, we mostly exchanged smiles with very few words, that was the start of our friendship. It wasn’t until 2006 that we both decided we wanted to be in a relationship and be together, we were high school sweethearts ! We grew together , we learned a lot from each other and to this day I am extremely thankful that he was the one I chose to share my heart with.

how they asked

On June 4th 2016, it was the one year wedding anniversary of my sister and her husband. I obviously knew we were going to do something to celebrate their anniversary, thats when they decided to invite everyone to an evening of singing at the temple in honor of their marriage. I usually wait for Rondell to go to events but on that saturday he got out of work at “2″ and was running late due to traffic, so we both decided that I should go on without him and he will meet me there later on. As I arrived to the temple I seen that there were tents up but I didn’t think anything of it because my sister assured me at home that it was about to rain and my dad has to put some tents up now. As I walked into the tent it was sectioned off with a curtain , when I looked to my left there was a station with a video that said “PLAY ME”, so I did as I was told. I played the video and Rondells face appeared, thats when I instantly started to cry, the tears were running down my face uncontrollably. I don’t even remember if I even heard the video clearly , all I remember is him saying “ I brought you back to the first place we met”, “enjoy your walk down memory lane” & “ I hope you’re wearing something nice & if not I got something for you.” So instantly I was baffled by his last statement, how do you have something for me to wear? Anyways I got up after watching the video and continued on to the next section of the tent opening the draped curtains not knowing what to expect. The second section of the tent was also draped with curtains so there was no way of me looking ahead , as I walked into the second section I was greeted by my two sisters , a beautiful orange/pink lehenga on a mannequin, a wide selection of jewelry and I was surrounded by walls of our pictures. A compilation of our favorite songs over the years began to play as my sisters rushed me behind the panel divider and quickly got me changed. With each song and each picture I was overwhelmed with emotions and the tears would not STOP for the life of me. After doing an outfit change, I was told by my sisters to proceed. As I walked into the third section of the tent all I could think about was “OH MY GOODNESS, whats next?” I was then greeted by two of my best friends that I grew up with and were there at the beginning of “Rondell & Vana”, walls and walls of pictures captured every moment we shared from 2006 to now. My best friends then led me into the fourth section of the tent , there I saw all of my cousins !!! They all rushed to me with hugs and kisses and loud applauses and once again the tears just came gushing down uncontrollably, at that point the suspense grew even more because I was finally about to walk out of the tent and see daylight, I had no idea what to expect but all I could think about was my makeup was getting ruined and I need to stop or I will look crazy in front of Rondell…….. The divider moved and I seriously felt like I had just walked into my very own Bollywood movie. All of our immediate family and close friends all cheered as my friends danced me over to the front of the stage. They danced and serenaded me as I looked everywhere for Rondell in the crowd. Then to my surprise after a few minutes , out comes Rondell escorted by his guy friends. At that moment he runs up to the stage and delivered a rose he then joins into the dance with the girls, I was instantly blown away. After a few minute everyone joined in to create the craziest Bollywood flash mob and it was absolutely stunning to see everyone participate. Rondell then took the mic and “tries” to sing our all time favorite song from when we met “With You” by Chris Brown. He then gets down on one knee and recites a poem that he wrote & asked me to “ GO ALL IN & MARRY HIM” of course I said yes ;). This moment was heart-stopping & magical, it’s a day that I will never ever forget

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