Valona and Jospeh

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How We Met

Joe and I first met at my job in 2015. I was a bartender and he was just like anyone else, one of my customers. I had actually met him the year before that because he came to me to open up a tab at the bar. I’ve seen him there a few times and I first thought, WOW this man could be annoying. Summer of 2015 came and thats when joe decided to make his move. He had asked to take me out to dinner and at that point i just came out of some what of a relationship and i knew that he was newly divorced, so i wasn’t having it. He was very persistent. Finally without my permission he came to me one day and said ” Be ready by 8pm on Monday I’m taking you to dinner”. Obviously i liked that he took control, just like any other girl would so i accepted! Letting joe take me out to dinner that night was the best decision i have ever made in my life, because we have been inseparable ever since ! Of course just like any other relationship it has been a bumpy ride, but i wouldn’t have my life any other way !!

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how they asked

It was Saturday December 23rd, and me and my friends were having a get together at my house before the holidays. joe had left for the night to go and “hang out with his friends. We were having a few drinks, eating, and having fun. About and hour into our little get together the door bell rings. I was confused because we had just bought our first home together less than a year ago, so i wondered who would be ringing the bell i don’t know anyone around her. I proceed to look at my cameras and i see someone at my door dressed as the grinch. At first I look at my friends and I’m like ok guys, what the hell is this! I opened the door and this person starts playing “pony” by Genuine. Yes everyone IT WAS A STRIPPER! I was so angry because i hate male strippers! this man came into my house and starts trying to dance with everyone and the only thing i keep saying out loud is, IM GOING TO KILL JOE!

I called joe yelling at him and his response was ” just have fun with it”. After about 15-20 min the guy leaves. Twenty minutes pass and there is another ring at the door. It was Santa Claus My first reaction was ” are you serious, what did joe get a 2 for 1 special or something, please this man to leave”. My friends of course open the door and joe says ” I’m looking for Mrs Claus”. No one knew this was joe at the door, not one of my friends recognized him. As joe comes walking through the house i finally recognize his walk and his voice. The first words that came out of my mouth were ” is that joe? Joe get the F*ck out of her its not funny anymore” and i proceeded to walk away. I turned around and continued to walk then all of the sudden all of my friends start screaming at the top of their lungs ! i turn back around and there he was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and asked me to be HIS WIFE !!

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I wouldn’t have had it any other way, and I’m so glad it was a surprise to everyone around me! it just made it that much more special! I LOVE YOU JOE! i can’t wait to call you MY HUSBAND!!

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