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How We Met

I recently had moved back to Atlanta after college and moved in with a friend new to the area from New Jersey. Even though Atlanta was my home-town growing up, it felt like a brand new city being back after 5 years. We had both started new jobs and like any 2 single girls, after a long hard day at work we decided to go to the bar to treat ourselves to draft beers and burgers. I came straight from work not feeling cute at all. It was a Thursday night, so I was not thinking I’d see many people out and definitely did not imagine I’d be meeting the man of my dream! After downing burgers and beers and letting loose, a guy came up behind us and said, “ if you guys ever need hydrogen, I’m your guy!” This was about the strangest things I had heard, so I turned around all sarcastic and said, “hydrogen??” Well to my surprise this was coming from a really cute guy, so I was caught off guard when he laughed and said, “im just kidding, my friends dared me to come over and give you this.” He put down a business card, slide it my way, then just walked away! He didn’t get my name or anything. Later that night I got home and decided to text him because I was to chicken to call and thank goodness it had his cell number on it. I texted him, “so Ben, how does one go about selling hydrogen?” He then replied, “ do you really want to know.” I said “no.” And that is when he got my name and the real conversation started. We had our first date a few days later and have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

3 years ago a bad sells pitch changed my life because that sells man is now my fiancé. We met in Atlanta, GA where we were both born and raised. After a year of dating, his job was relocating him to Pittsburgh, PA. There was zero question whether I’d be going with him as hard as it was going to be leaving my family, friends, and job. It was a hard transition, but one thing we both loved to do was explore. Ben always had a love for scary movies, and when we moved to PA, we learned there were a ton of haunted places listed. It became a fun/ thrilling hobby of ours, so we decided for Ben’s Birthday we would go to Gettysburg for a weekend getaway. It would be filled with exploring all the historical and rumored haunted battlefields and buildings. One, in particular, was the Jennie Wade house which not only was known to be haunted but had a legend attached to it. Jennie Wade was a young woman in love with a traveling soldier but never got to let that love known because she was killed in her home by a stray bullet during battle. That very bullet hole still remains in the door to this day, and legend has it any single women to put her ring finger in the door will be proposed to be married within a year. Well, of course, being a single woman in love, I had to try this out during our tour! I stuck my finger in the hole and all the sudden something grabbed it!! I screamed bloody murder and you could hear the loud chuckle of the tour going on inside. With a fluttering heart and feeling ridiculous, we went on our way. The next night was our last night in Gettysburg, so we got all dressed up and went to this gorgeous old mansion for dinner. When we got there, we strolled around the grounds’ gardens. We made it to a trellis of roses that perfectly framed down the middle of the garden and that is when he stopped me, spun me around, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!! I think it is safe to say he had this planned before, but I still will always have the legend.

Valley and Ben's Engagement in Antrim 1844, MD

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