Vallen and Kyle

How They Asked

It was a Saturday morning. We were both sleeping side by side in a deep slumber, enjoying the fact that we didn’t need to be anywhere or wake up for anything in particular. Then, I heard it. The unexpected alarm. LOUDLY. He quickly quieted it as not to wake me. But, being the light sleeper that I am, I heard it and was surprised to see him getting out of bed as if he was in a hurry for something. Not typical for a Saturday morning. I don’t even remember seeing the sun peeking through the blinds or hearing the birds chirping, as they were still sleeping, as one should be so early on a weekend. I had asked where he was off to, and he quickly came up with a well-planned story about helping out a friend and reassured me that if I stayed in bed he would bring back Starbucks breakfast, one of my favorites. So, I fell back to sleep. A while later, I got up out of bed and I saw a note hanging on the door. “Good morning my Love, Please have some breakfast, do your nails, hair, and makeup exactly how you’d like, pick out your favorite fancy outfit and get ready for an adventure.

Your tour guide will have your lunch for you and pick up at 1:30 PM sharp. See you soon……. Love, Kyle”. At that moment, I felt nothing but pure excitement and wonder. I also remember stopping and thinking about how lucky I am to have such a romantic man who plans these spontaneous adventures. Then, I did just what the note said. I got my hair done, painted my nails and put on a flattering and romantic outfit that I felt beautiful in. My tour guide knocked on the door at 1:30 pm on the dot. His sister, Lindsay, was standing at the door and had a huge smile on her face. She wouldn’t say a word as to what was going on. We got into her car and she handed me an envelope that said “1.” Inside the letter was a riddle to a different destination of each milestone during the course of our 8-year relationship. One letter led me to our first date, another led me to the first place we said that we loved each other, another took me to our first kiss and the last one was where we first met. In addition to where we met, that last clue contained another clue of where Kyle would be standing, which also holds a special place in our relationship, Torrey Pines. His sister drove me to the lobby of the Hilton at Torrey Pines and that is where I saw him standing.

A trail of rose petals led to an area in which he had been waiting for me and had planned for a couple of years, sneakily and sweetly. I made my way over to him and took his hand and we made our way over to a large window that was dancing with water from the rainstorm. Truly romantic, in my opinion. He was saying how deeply in love with me he was, and how he wanted to take the next step in our relationship. Before I knew it, he got down on his knee and opened the box and inside was the most beautiful and unique engagement ring I had ever seen. As I am writing this, I am looking at MY ring in pure ecstasy and bliss as the man I am completely head over heels in love with gave me a symbol of love and commitment, that I will pass on to our children one day, and they can retell the tale of their parents love story.

Special Thanks

Felicia Cheng
 | Photographer