Valine and Steve

How We Met

We met through our mutual friend from high school…. He lived in Hawaii for a while then when he came back to New Jersey, he found me on Facebook through the same friends mutual friend’s page…. After adding me, he messaged me right away and started talking after that… Our first date was 11/11/11 which holds a significant meaning to us…. Now we just can’t wait to start our lives together….

how they asked

We went on vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands on the Disney cruise… I thought it will be just a typical vacation because we have traveled together before…. The second night of our cruise, I went outside our stateroom on the private verandah to get some air and go star gazing…. He came out with me and started talking to me about our future… We saw a meteor shower… He came back inside and came back out… Sat on the chair next to me, open the box and said “I want you to marry me!” I was shocked and put the ring on my finger right away and kissed him… It was a very overwhelming feeling!