Valerie and William

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How We Met

Billy and I met 8 summers ago at a friends house where a group had gotten together for a party. We spent the summer getting to know each other and having fun but didn’t start dating until the following summer when Billy asked me to the movies. We just celebrated our seven year anniversary together last month.

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how they asked

We recently decided to buy a house together after renting an apartment together for two years. At our closing, our real estate agent came back to the house with us to take our picture. She took a photo on her phone of us holding signs up celebrating our new home. After, I got out my camera so she could take a few more pictures.

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When I stepped back on the porch to pose, I noticed that Billy wasn’t holding his sign so I told him to grab it for one more picture. That’s when I saw him pull the box out of his pocket, and he got down on one knee and said will you marry me? All while our real estate agent (my sister) caught it all on camera.

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Special Thanks

Jennifer Copithorne
 | Photographer
Denise Trott
 | Planning
Steven and Joanne Reale
 | Planning