Valerie and Charles's Flash Mob Proposal at Cal State

Our story began in 2003. We were strangers with a mutual love for dance. After dancing in high school, we both ended up dancing in the collegiate/street competition scene. Val joined Pac Modern at Cal State Long Beach, and I danced with various other teams before joining Sickstep.

After the competition season started in 2004, one of our friends, who was dancing with both our teams wanted us to all meet. So after the performance at Vibe, a bunch of us went to go eat after and that’s where we first officially met. We actually ended up sharing a pizza because we didn’t want to order something too big. At that time, it was just two people sharing food with friends. Not sure if anybody could’ve predicted that 6 months later, we’d be dating.

As the months progressed, we performed at many shows together, and our teams grew closer. Eventually hanging out with friends turned into late night phone calls. Those turned into hanging out with each other at practices, and we went on our first official date in June. And that’s where our story together begins…

Flash Mob Proposal at Cal State V_C-018

Time for some back story…

One day, I was watching tv and I had seen an episode of mobbed where they did a flash mob for a wedding proposal. I thought it was awesome and well done and thought that if I ever proposed to Val, that would be perfect because we’re both dancers and that’s how we met.

…Flashforward to the future…

In May 2011, I had the first thoughts about what I would do if I were going to one day propose to Val. And I had let it drift from my mind in the following months. The next time it resurfaced was sometime around my birthday that same year as well. And so I thought to myself “there’s a reason why these thoughts keep coming back.”

So in the next few months I decided to try to figure out what I was going to do. I, then, spent July and August trying to figure this all out. Then one day, on the way to work, I heard a song play from my phone and I immediately felt a connection with it. After I knew I had the song, I decided to ask for some help from my friend Philip. I currently wasn’t dancing, so I would usually only speak to my dancer friends through facebook or the occasional run in. Philip on the other hand, had started Movement Project which was mainly made up of dancers that both me and Val had danced with at one point. So it made it easier for him to contact them and try to set things up while I was busy with work.

After we had contacted everybody, I made a private facebook group and invited nearly 250 people to at least show up and show support or even be in it if they wanted. A lot of poeple couldn’t make it, but in the end I think we had at least 80 dancers. Then we also had another 50 people there that were family and friends that didn’t dance. and my friend TeeJay also helped stream the event through ustream and carrying a laptop around during the event. According to ustream’s info, we had 120 seperate log ins to view the stream. And so I began to record short videos at practice and our progress with the intention of making a behind the scenes video.

In the end, it took 5 practices and 2 months of planning…..but I’ll let the video speak for itself:


Flash Mob Proposal at Cal State

Flash Mob Proposal at Cal State