Valerie and William

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How We Met

Willy and I met on July 11,2014 on a semi blind date. We had met through mutual friends on Facebook. After talking for about w week and a half we decided to meet for dinner. We met at a cute Italian restaurant called Alexander’s. I walked in and I could tell he was super nervous. The moment we met we clicked, and all nerves calmed. On that night as he walked me to my house he told me “One day I am going to marry you”. We have been inseparable since and have shared so many amazing memories together. We have moved in together, traveled, set goals, and fallen in love more and more everyday. He has a 7 year old son from a previous marriage.

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We did take everything really slow and with time have become a family. We are all looking forward to this amazing step in our lives, and extending our blended family.

how they asked

Our two year anniversary was coming up. Willy let me know he wanted to get dressed up and have a really nice romantic dinner, just the two of us. On July 11, 2016 we both got ready and as we were about to leave our home he handed me a blind fold. He let me know to not ask questions and just go with it. As we were driving my heart started to pound and mind started to wonder. We parked, he led me out of the car into an elevator.

We exited the elevator and all I could hear were waves crashed and the sound of the ocean. He told me to take off my blind fold and as I opened my eyes I saw we were on a rooftop at the beach with 50-60 of our closest friends and family. My grandmothers, his mother and sister holding the signs that said ” Will you marry me?” and Willy on his knee with the ring box open with the most beautiful ring ever.

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I immediately started to cry and said YES!

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The biggest feeling of joy and love came over me and I felt like the happiest girl in the world.

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We had an amazing night out with loved ones having cocktails and dinner by the beach celebrating.

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We are planning a summer 2017 wedding with about 100 guests by the ocean and our beautiful San Diego view.