Valerie and Spencer

How We Met

Like all Millenials, we met on Bumble. Our first date we ate sushi and closed the restaurant down because we didn’t want to stop visiting with each other… I was smitten the first night! Spencer and I immediately hit it off and haven’t stop being each other’s best friends since. We both love the Lord, our families, and the great outdoors. Spencer completes me in a way I would’ve never thought possible. He is the free spirit who keeps me having fun, giggling for hours, and looking on the bright side of life.

how they asked

On my birthday weekend, Spencer planned a weekend getaway with our closest friends at his families ranch in the Texas hill country. On Saturday, we went into Fredericksburg for wine tastings and headed back to the ranch where his parents had homemade margaritas and queso (yes, the addiction is real people) waiting for us. We all decided to head up to “Sunset Rock” on his ranch like we do every time we are at the ranch… to you guess it… watch the sunset. As we were all visiting, our friend Alex had a pair of binoculars looking for big bucks. To my ultimate surprise, he “found some huge deer”! When they passed the binoculars to me, I couldn’t see anything. I tried for about 2 minutes until I told Spencer “I can’t see anything!!” As soon as I said those words, he asked: “Well, can you see this?”

Proposal Ideas Hill Country in Texas

Where to Propose in Hill Country in Texas

He was down on one knee and asked me to be his bride. I was in so much shock, that I didn’t even say yes!!! I just started crying hysterically. Once the initial shock was over, we stayed on the rock together to soak it all in and pray for our future lives together (EEEEK!!). When we headed back to the ranch house, to my surprise (again), my parents were there to join us in the celebrating.

Spencer knew how important it was to me to be somewhere we truly treasured (the ranch) and have my family and closest friends there to celebrate. We couldn’t be happier to say #YestoYoutsey in April!

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