Valerie and Rob

Image 1 of Valerie and Rob

How We Met

Dating sites work! We ‘met’ online in July 2020-we spent endless hours, days and weeks texting and FaceTiming each other as we navigated dating during a pandemic. As things eased, we moved on to bi-monthly weekend visits (living 100 miles apart with 5 kids between us has its challenges) and wonderful impromptu dates for breakfast, dinners or just a shared coffee. After a year, we decided to spend 7 days in Hawaii to see if we would ‘drive each other nuts’… that trip is when I knew he was ‘the one’… we laughed, and hiked, and traveled so well together. Being with Rob is like taking a deep breath on a beautiful summer night… sweet, calming and full of promise.

How They Asked

We are nerds… I’m a book, museums & history nerd, he’s Star Wars, movies & pop culture. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and he’d never been, so we planned a trip for my upcoming birthday. We visited The Presidio (military museum and also HQ to Star Wars special effects company)… I wasn’t in the best mood that day and we had been walking around for a while, when he suggested we walk to see the famous fountain with a Yoda statue in the park. We got there and found a few people taking photos… we waited for things to clear out and then he suggested we take a photo in front of the fountain. He positioned us and put his arm around my shoulder… in the photo you can see him holding the ring over my shoulder, but I was clueless. We took a few ‘selfies’ and then he faced me and said all the things I needed to hear (but didn’t know I needed) & he asked me to marry him. I got a little teary eyed and told him ‘its perfect’-I meant the ring, the proposal and most importantly, him- I kissed him and hugged him and buried my head in his neck. We finally moved on to a more secluded bench in the park and it started sinking in… just then an lovely elderly man walked by and said ‘hey there, you’re both glowing with love’ and walked away humming a song.

Image 2 of Valerie and Rob

I look like a hot mess… I had no clue what was coming!