Valerie and Matthew

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How We Met

It was the summer after high school that we first met (insert Katy Perry lyrics). We had went to the same school but never really ran into each other. Finally through some mutual friends we finally had the chance to get to know each other! We spent pretty much every week together during the summer leading up to college and university. For our first date we went to see a movie, as many first dates go, and by the second date he took my flying in a private plane! (Not going to lie, I didn’t tell my mom so she had a small heart attack when she found out!!).

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We’ve been inseparable ever since! We have now been together for almost 6 years and live together with our little family of 3 cats (Minibel, Dolly and Malibu).

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how they asked

We’ve always been the type of couple to go on adventures and road trips together. Whither is spending the weekend out of town or just going on a small road trip for the day love to keep busy. When we were planning on what kind of trip we wanted to go on a few months prior Matt had mentioned doing a Route 66 road trip. I was a little hesitant at first but after looking into it I thought why not, this could be an adventure of a lifetime! The thought of spending two weeks in a car with your boyfriend is quite the relationship test. Yes, we got on each others nerves, but it was all worth it in the end.

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I had a feeling something special was going to happen within these two weeks but I just didn’t know when. Every state we passed I got more and more excited for what was about to happen. We passed though many different landmarks during the trip and I thought to myself, this could be it, its going to happen here! But, it didn’t and we were still having the best time of our lives. So many memories and life experiences were made during that week that we both will never forget.

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After 7 days, 9 states and many cups of coffee on the road we finally arrived in Los Angeles at a hotel right on Venice Beach. We decided to take a walk down to Santa Monica pier to see the end of Route 66. Matt is the chattiest person I know, so for him to be almost silent on our walk to the Pier was very bizarre. Flashback two years ago, we came to L.A. for a trip and were at this very spot in Santa Monica. He wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel once more to make it a “conclusive” trip. As we waited in line to get onto the ride I could feel something was up. We got our own booth and as the ride started he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box that had been hiding in his pocked the whole morning. He even made the ring box himself! I started to cry and finally realized what was going on. He was so nervous that he forgot a part of the speech he had planned (adorable!). He asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and of course I said yes!!

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We had the best last 4 days of our trip after that. I am head over heels for this guy and could not imagine a life with anyone else.