Valerie and Matt

How We Met

We met 9 years ago at a local college bar. I was out with friends and Matt happened to be bar tending that night. I was focused on school so when he started hitting on me I paid no mind to him. He saw I was with friends and began talking to them in order to get to me. I appreciated his efforts and we exchanged numbers before the night was over. For the next couple of months we would hang out but being that it wasn’t my first year in college we eventually lost touch. Four years later, I’m out getting drinks with friends and my best friend goes missing. After searching the bar I find her talking to a guy. She introduces me to her new friend then she pulls me to the side and says “I want you to meet his team mate, they’re on a hockey team and I think you’re going to like him”. I was single and immediately agreed, they called him over and to my disbelief, it was Matt. Him and I laughed and let them introduce us as we were strangers. We spent the rest of the night together, catching up and eventually letting our friends in on the secret of us meeting years ago. From that day on I knew that he was the one. I truly believe that fate brought us back together once we were ready for a beautiful relationship.

Valerie and Matt's Engagement in Sarasota, Florida

how they asked

One of the things I love the most about Matt is that our goals are always aligned. Once we were dating for some time, we agreed we would move from New York to Florida once I completed my masters degree. At first, our family and friends thought we were bluffing but once I graduated and we had enough money saved we signed a lease for our very first apartment together. I drove down with my dog, Sophie, and best friend, Daniela. While Matt and his best friend were heading down later that weekend and driving straight there. Daniela and I decided to make a weekend out of it and stopped in Savannah, Georgia for a night, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. It was late on a Friday night when we arrived to our hotel so we relaxed and planned our excited sightseeing day for Saturday. Savannah did not disappoint and we had such a memorable day visiting Wormsloe Historic Site. By afternoon my best friend asked we get our nails done before hitting the road again. I found this odd since her manicure seemed fine to me but I didn’t question it since this is something we did on the regular. I really thought the day couldn’t get any better, I was wrong. Six hours later we arrive to my new Florida apartment. We met Matt outside and he handed me the key. He said “here you go, open the door to your first apartment”. I walked in to see rose petals at the doorway all throughout the house. I follow the trail of petals and candles which leads to “will you marry me” spelled out in rose petals. I stood there in shock as Matt taps me. I turn around and he was on one kneee. Of course I knock over a candle and almost light my long dress along with the apartment on fire but it wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t interesting. We popped a bottle of champagne and spent the rest of the night FaceTiming our family and friends. The following day we drove up to Disney with our best friends for more celebrating. Truly the most magical weekend of my life.

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