Valerie and Joseph

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How We Met

We met in Burlingame, CA on Thanksgiving weekend in 2015. He bought a ring 6 months later just before my birthday in May. He proposed in July. We will be married before our 2 years of dating. Both of our grandparents have been married over 60 years and we believe in the old saying… when you know, you know!

how they asked

We went to napa for a local get away, Joe had recently worked 12 Saturdays in a row and was ready for a break. On the drive up to Napa he told me he planned a little something for me since i was so understanding about his work schedule. This “little something” was a hot air balloon ride which he knows is on my bucket list.

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The next morning we were picked up at 5:15am only to be told we couldn’t fly due to fog. We spent the day in napa wine tasting, and got a last minute amazing reservation at the most popular Italian restaurant in town. The next morning, up early again to try and cross this off my bucket list.

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A beautiful, sunny morning in napa skies were cleared for flying. He booked a private balloon where it was just me, him, and the pilot. The pilot had mentioned a truck on the ground would be following us and communicating via walkie talkie to help us land. Twice, the pilot had asked if I could see the truck below, but I couldn’t. Another time, Joe pointed out the truck and I said “oh yeah I see it” but the wind had carried our balloon away. Finally, the pilot says “ok kids we’re ready. Can you see where we are going to land down there” I look down to see a sign in a vineyard which reads “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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I look at Joe, he is on his knee way up in the sky and says “SO!! Are you going to marry me or what!! Dying laughing and in such shock I say yes and kiss him over and over and over. What I hadn’t realized was each time I couldn’t see the car below, Joe was getting ready to kneel, but since I couldn’t see the car that meant I couldn’t see the sign so he had to wait. HE “almost” proposed 4 times. Poor guy.

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When we finally did land the company had champagne and flowers for us.

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So unbelievable, so romantic, so thoughtful, just so in love with him.

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