Valerie and Joe

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How We Met

How we met? Joe and I met at a modeling photoshoot at San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente. We are with the same modeling agency but at the time we had not met and this photoshoot was our first one together and where we met. I still remember when he pulled up to the beach in his 68 VW bus. I thought he was so cute and his outgoing personality and open love for the Lord really captured me. All the models were in a group text after the photoshoot, so he had my number. He texted me separately the next day a cute photo of me that he had taken on his snapchat the day before at the shoot. We talked and got to know each other, eventually started hanging out, and the rest is history ;).

how they asked

The day Joe proposed to me, we went to a few locations before reaching our final destination. We started at his house in Huntington Beach and he told me we were going to go to dinner but make a few stops along the way. We got in his 68 VW bus and headed down PCH. The first spot he took me was a lookout point in Newport Beach where he had asked me to be his girlfriend. We sat in his bus looking out with the side door open eating some carrots he had packed for me because he knows that I love them :). The next spot he took me to was the Irvine Spectrum. We walked around a bit and rode the ferris wheel- just like we had done on our very first date. The last spot he took me to (and where he proposed!) was San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente, the place that we first met at a photoshoot.

He parked his bus sideways along the sand and turned on some lights that he had strung up inside his bus. He propped up a table and chairs in his bus and brought out a dinner that he had packed for us. It was so romantic and so adorable- it was as if we were at our very own little private restaurant at the beach. After dinner, we got out of the bus and we were standing watching the sunset and just talking. He started to talk about how much he loved me and our future together and then it happened, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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It was surreal, in the moment I didn’t know what to think or feel all I could do was say yes.

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And that’s how our story goes <3.

Special Thanks

Jon Melson
 | Photography