Valerie and David

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How We Met

I was waving to a friend of mine to say hi and Valerie was standing nearby. She mistook my wave for my friend as a wave towards her so she politely waved back to say hi. We had never met so I smiled and laughed and showed her how my friend was right behind her and that I was actually waving at my friend, but nonetheless would love to meet her as well! We got to talking and realized we were both musicians and loved writing music. Shortly after that first encounter we began meeting up to play music together which turned into a dating relationship in no time!

how they asked

It was Valerie’s last day of classes for her sophomore year of college. We spent a large portion of our time together at her school and have great memories together there so I planned to ask her right after that class. At her school there are these gigantic bells that can be rung by an operator that is off site. I planned to set up my guitar and speakers underneath the bell, sing her a song, and then have the bells ring right after she said yes (which of course I had a good hunch see would say). I had a friend whom she had never met play my “spy” and was prepared to watch the proposal while on the phone with the bell’s operator, then inform him to ring the bells at the perfect time.

When Valerie got out of class she came to meet me near the bells. When she walked up I gave her a bouquet of flowers, picked up my guitar, and began singing her an original song that I wrote for her that popped the question within the lyrics.

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After I was done singing I quickly put my guitar aside, got on the knee and asked. She said yes and immediately the bells above us rung, and about twenty of our friends popped up out of bushes to surprise her and congratulate us.

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Since I proposed at her school there happened to be a large golf cart full of elderly alumni and friends of the school that were passing by on a tour of the campus. All of them were over sixty years of age and stopped to watch the entire proposal. All of our engagement photos have this group of elderly folk behind us enjoying the moment. Their expressions in the photos have forever blessed us and it was an amazing gift to know that each one of them were truly moved and blessed to witness this young love!


Special Thanks

Melissa Klausman
 | Ellie Rose Photographie