Valerie and Cliff

How We Met:

Cliff and I met through a dating app. It started after a night out with a few friends who jokingly signed me up to try Tinder. At the time, I thought the dating app was a complete joke. I didn’t take it very seriously, since I was a single mother of 3 boys. I remember even purposely putting a picture of me and my kids up as my profile picture to mainly keep guys from messaging me. ;). Until I saw Cliff Burns’ profile. I noticed right away that he also had kids, 2 girls! We matched almost instantly, but he didn’t send me a message. I remember sitting around thinking, “UGH! Say hi already!!” After a few hours, I decided just to bite the bullet and send him one. One of the first things he said was, “Are we going to make this the brady bunch or what?” I have never laughed so hard at such a corny joke. HA!

After spending the next few days talking, he asked me out on a real date! Valentines Day 2016! I had never been out on a REAL dat before, so I was extremely nervous. So nervous, that I ended up almost 45 minutes LATE!

When I finally arrived to the restaurant, I was greeted outside with a single rose and a card! For the rest of the date, I was smitten. The more he talked and made me laugh, the more I kept thinking, “I’m going to marry this man!” I was so absolutely certain, and confident from that exact date.

how they asked:

My birthday is in the month of January. I was needing a very long vacation, and he told me he would plan the perfect getaway so I can relax, and come back to work refreshed. He found a gorgeous Hotel in the hills outside of Austin, and I was pampered from the moment we got there. By day 2 of our vacation, he told me he had a romantic dinner planned for us. With the two of us having 5 kids, we don’t get dinners alone very often.

As we made our trip to dinner, he stopped at a park. I saw a restaurant in the distance, so I thought he was just wanting to walk through the gorgeous park to get there. To my surprise, that’s not at all what unfolded! He had preplanned a spot overlooking the city, with candles and flower pedals. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee and proposing.

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