Valerie and Cameron

Engagement Proposal Ideas in las vegas

how they asked

I am the biggest Backstreet Boys fan! I’ve lived and breathed BSB since I was 13. (Currently 32)☺.

We made a trip to Vegas thinking BSB’s residency would end. So he wanted to go all out. Not knowing if I would ever see or get a chance to meet them we purchased the meet and greet. I went early to the concert, of course, and Cameron would meet me later. I had a blast, overjoyed with excitement from meeting them, I had no idea. I met later with Cameron and we were having a great time. I noticed he would use the bathroom quite often. I didn’t think anything of it.

Then my favorite BSB song came on (I’ll Never Break Your Heart) and I was recording it ..he then turned and randomly gave the phone to a woman and he popped the question! It was by far the best proposal I could ask for. Everyone cheered and congratulated us. I felt so special. The moment was the best…and that wasn’t the end!

The workers that were working saw the proposal. They congratulated us and asked who my favorite BSB member was. From where we sat the one I loved was on the total opposite side. So they placed me next to Nick Carter. He serenaded me and it was the best day of my life. We ended the concert celebrating VIP style. It was priceless!

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