Valerie and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met on OK-Cupid even though we lived almost an hour a part. We would have never met if I didn’t change my zip code to where my work was located! After exchanging text messages and phone calls for about a week in October, we decided to meet, but on that day he got really sick. I thought it was a cop out at first, but it turns out he really had the flu. Despite feeling under the weather, we still decided to meet up and boy was I ecstatic that we did. Our first date lasted 5 hours and we chatted the entire time. Conversation flowed seamlessly and we left feeling like we had known each other for ages. After the 1st date, everything is history. For the past 2 and half years we’ve only grown closer through our travels, accomplishments, and dreams for our future.

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how they asked

Brian and I share many similarities when it comes to our families. Our oldest and middle siblings are both the same age, and we are about a week a part in birthdays. This year was a big year; we turned 30! For the past two years we traveled on our birthdays but this year we decided to throw ourselves a party instead. Not just any party, a big party with all of our friends and family. I love planning, I do it for a living, so I knew it had to be a something for the books. Our theme, “Say Goodbye to Our Roaring 20’s”! After months of planning, it was the night of our party and we were surrounded by 85 of our nearest and dearest. The night was going off without a hitch, and we were both having so much fun.

I had no idea what was about to happen next since we both agreed that his proposal wasn’t going to be during a holiday, birthday, etc; but that didn’t stop him. Out comes a projector. Then, comes the projector screen. I have no clue what’s happening or who made this slide show. At this point, I was still clueless, even though friends and family were asking, “Do you think he’s going to do it?”. My response, “No way. We talked about this….”. He was having technical difficulties with getting the projector audio to work, and I am not a big fan of slide shows at parties as it is, so me being me said, “Hey Babe, you know if this whole slideshow thing doesn’t work, you can always show me at home”. The look on his face said it all, so I let the man bask in his glory of this slideshow.

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Finally, everything was working and the slideshow was a montage of our past 2 and a half years together. It was so sweet and I loved watching it. At the end of the slideshow with about an hour and a half left into the party I decided to address our thank you’s to our family and friends. We also decided that we wanted to have a best dressed competition and what better time to do it than then. My dialogue went like this…. Valerie: “Brian and I have announcement to make….” Crowd: **Eyes wide opening wondering what’s going to happen next** Valerie: “We’re going to announce… dressed!

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I see some of your faces out there. No,no. That’s not happening. I’m going to announce best dressed girl, and Brian is going to announce best dressed guy”. Little do I know that while I am saying all of this, Brian sneaks over to our table and grabs something from his bag and puts it in his pocket. Nearby guests see this and everyone gets their phones out and starts recording while I am OBLIVIOUS to it all. We announce our winners and I go to my purse to grab gift cards for them. After handing out the gift cards, I go back up to the front of the room to stand next to Brian. Brian then grabs the mic and just when I think he is going to say his own thank you, he tells me how much he loves me, gets down on one knee, and proposes!

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Of course, I said YES! In front of all of our family and friends on what I thought was just a birthday party, turned out to be the most exciting night of our lives.

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I have a feeling that our 30’s are going to be the absolute BEST!

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