Valeria and Blair

Image 1 of VALERIE MALISA and Blair

How We Met

Blair and I met while working together at one of the most iconic Hotels’ on the Las Vegas Strip. After hitting it off, we became close friends. After a few months of being friends, we started dating. It was exciting but scary because we had to keep our relationship a secret because we were working together. Blair was my direct supervisor and it was frowned upon for him to date any of his employees. He gets a kick out of this part of our story and likes to say “I just wanted a raise” which of course, was not entirely true. We dated in secret and spent a lot of nights after work in an iHop parking lot talking until 4 AM some nights. It quickly became “our thing” and it was nights that I looked forward to every week. We talked about work, our past, what our hopes were for the future, and pet peeves that drove us crazy. Little did we know, we were falling in love.

Fast forward a few months later, we were laying in the dark across Blair’s bed-sharing some of our favorite love songs. We did this for what seemed like hours until Blair played one song; You & I by John Legend. I laid there next to him and I knew it in my gut; I was in love with this man. I was too afraid to say it out loud and I did what I was best at doing. I wrote him a letter professing my feelings for him and how nervous I was to say it out loud. After two weeks of keeping me waiting and making me sick to my stomach, Blair finally said it. I remember it down to the very last detail. We were at a show in Henderson, NV and it was my first time seeing a band that he liked. We were inside the venue and he looked at me and said, “I love you.” I was in shock. When I say my jaw hit the ground, well that would be an understatement. The warmth that filled up my cheeks as the biggest and probably lamest smile came across my face was too hard to hide. He loved me too. We spent most of our first year together dating in secret and spending lots of nights in those iHop parking lots. Day after day we fell madly in love with one another. We were each other’s obsession. Our second year together was probably, by far, my favorite. We had both left the company we previously worked for and we were finally able to go out like a “normal” couple. We went on so many fun dates. Anything from AAA baseball games in the summer, Magic shows on the strip in Fall, and the Neon light cemetery in the Spring. All of them were more exciting than the next. We spent a lot of our downtime with each other’s families and quickly realized how blessed we were with a support system like ours. We had a big plan for our 2-year anniversary in March 2020, from renting a Suite at an off-strip property to having dinner at a fancy steak house. But the world had a different agenda in mind.

How They Asked

Enter Covid in March 2020. Blair and I had been laid off from our jobs and we were quarantined in our home. Just like many others, we thought it was only going to be a couple of weeks so honestly we were excited to spend some quality, quarantine time together. We played video games, binged watched some of our favorite T.V. shows, and had countless movie nights filled with our favorite snacks. As days passed and the stay-at-home mandate continued, we slowly started to realize that the plans we had for our anniversary weren’t going to happen. Now I was a little more accepting of this and was more than happy to have a quiet night in our home. Little did I know Blair was a nervous wreck because his proposal idea was ruined. We decided to have a nice homemade steak dinner for our special day something that we have done on countless occasions and something I was okay with. Blair makes the best steaks so being able to save money and have my man cook for me was a dream come true! March 19, 2020. Our 2-year anniversary. We woke up like any normal day and the first thing I did was post a sentimental post to Instagram telling my followers how lucky I was to have Blair in my life. I didn’t realize it until after the night ended but Blair was a huge ball of nerves all day. Oblivious to his nerves, I continued with the day. I was instructed to get ready inside the room with the door closed and not to leave until I was told to do so. In my head, all I was thinking was maybe he got me balloons, maybe rose petals, and candles but I had no clue what I was walking out to. I did a simple make-up look and put on a white and yellow dress that I bought weeks before just for our anniversary. When Blair was ready, he came into the room and took me by the hand. He looked at me and told me I was beautiful and walked me to my normal spot at our dining room table. He looked so handsome. He was wearing a charcoal grey button-up shirt with black dress pants and had a fresh haircut and beard trim. He set the table with our plates by candlelight and completely set the mood for a romantic dinner. We sat across from one another and ate our food and reflected on our relationship. I didn’t realize this until after dinner but Blair was so quiet and barely talked because he was so nervous. After we finished dinner, we had some ice cream for dessert.

Image 2 of VALERIE MALISA and Blair

Well, I had ice cream. After we were completely done eating, Blair cleared the table and came around to where I was sitting, and took me by my hands. I’m ashamed to say that I was still clueless at this moment and I didn’t know that my life was about to change for the better. He looked me in the eyes and got down on one knee. I would be lying to you if I told you I remembered everything he said because I didn’t. All I could think about was holding myself back from tackling him down to the ground and screaming “Yes!” at the top of my lungs. “Will you marry me?” The question that every girl dreams of hearing and was finally happening to me. As I held back happy tears, I nodded my head so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. We were engaged. During a pandemic, we got engaged. I know it wasn’t Blair’s vision for his proposal but it was something I will never forget.