Valeria and Cristian

Valeria and Cristian's Engagement in Silver Sycamore

How We Met

I was a shy school girl and he was captain of the soccer team. We were from completely different worlds but somehow completed one another. Cristian and I met in 2010 in our social studies class through a mutual friend. We are high school sweethearts and I could not be more happy to marry my first and only love! Although a little silly, we bonded over a group assignment. It was library day and every time we worked in the library Cristian ask me to save a seat for him, but the seats would always fill up before he arrived. One day we happened to walk in late together and there was only one seat left next to my friends.

I proceeded to walk towards them and he started walking away and something stopped me, I didn’t want him to walk away. So I went to sit with him instead. Ironically we ended up being the only ones on the other end of the library. Instead of working we talked the entire time getting to know each other. The conversation flowed so naturally. I had never been as comfortable with anyone as with him. By the time I realized he had finished his work and I had not even answered one question! We talked for a couple of weeks before he asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been inseparable since. He truly is my best friend and has made me feel loved and cherished from day one. We have been dating for seven years and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

how they asked

We got engaged January 14, 2017. The entire evening was full of happiness and romance and love. Cristian planned an absolutely beautiful surprise proposal! It was such a special moment for both of us.The week before he told me he made reservations for a formal dinner for the two of us to celebrate our upcoming dating anniversary. He said the place we were dining at was a surprise but that I should wear a nice dress. The day of, he arrived at my door with an enormous, beautiful bouquet of bright red roses, starting the evening with surprise after surprise. We headed out to our dinner reservation, or so I supposed, trying to guess what restaurant we were going to. On our way he mention he had to go to the restroom ( I will get to that in a minute). We arrived at The Silver Sycamore.I was a little confused since they are known more as a wedding venue but he told me the restaurant was having a special event. We arrived 30 minutes before our “reservation,” and apparently were the only ones who had arrived early. (I do not know how I did not suspect anything). The owner came out and welcomed us and explained she was checking on some final details and would let us know when we could enter the restaurant.

She let us know to feel free to walk around the property, which is a beautiful rustic scenery. She also made a point to tell us to visit the chapel and said it was being prepared for a wedding event for the following day. We walked that in that direction. Coincidentally the restrooms were next to the chapel, Cristian made his stop ( little did I know he was getting ready with a microphone wire). We walked inside and I, being the worry worm that I am, was very nervous that we were going to be in the way of the “wedding set up.” But when walked in and there was nobody in sight. The scenery was beautiful! It was as if we had walked into a rustic fairy tale. The center aisle of the chapel was adorned by large wood slices and majestic lanterns and little blue lights and flowers. Hand in hand Cristian let me towards the front altar. There was a guitar sitting on the wood floor as well as a single chair and a small musician stool. Cristian maneuvered towards the and I almost panicked, but he reassured me and asked me to take a seat.

My heart started beating faster. At this point it hit me, we were not here for dinner! He then turned on back music and he started playing the guitar. (His guitar I realized later). I recognized the song immediately and everything suddenly made sense! He was going to propose! He played Dan & Shay’s “From the Ground Up,” and he started singing! It’s one of my favorite country songs; when it first came out on the radio I told him how much it made me think about him. He had been practicing an entire year for this moment. When the song finished I could not hold back the tears.

Then he got down on one knee and proposed!! I said yes of course! The moment was so much more than I could have ever asked for. In that moment two photographers came out and captured the entire moment with pictures and video! It was a lovely surprise. The rest of the evening we got to be alone, soak up every minute.

He rented out the entire venue just the two of us. We were treated to chocolate covered strawberries and wine to celebrate.It truly was magical. Our family and friends have all been so happy and supportive. We are very much in love!

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