Valentine’s Day Proposal Do’s and Don’ts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we know that a lot of people are thinking that this is the perfect day to pop the question. As a Proposal Planner (for the Heart Bandits), my calendar gets booked up fast with people wanting to make this day special. Because it’s such a popular day, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of proposing in a bad way. Please don’t ruin your opportunity to have a good proposal story on this day! Below are tons of Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas and things to consider as you plan!

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Don’t: Think a restaurant alone is a good proposal

Simply proposing during dinner (especially by dropping the ring in a champagne glass) is very played out and 1980’s. Sure it’s sweet to take your partner to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day but for the actual proposal, it’s best to go beyond this and think of something more personalized for her.

Do: Hire a chef for a home-cooked meal with proposal

Instead of the over-priced and over-crowded restaurants with limited menus on Valentine’s Day, how about having a chef come over and make you two a home cooked meal? You can make your home romantic by lighting a lot of candles, putting up framed pictures of you two, playing whatever music she likes, and having her favorite meal cooked up. Make sure to make a nice table setting and plan for dessert as well.

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Don’t: Make it obvious you’re proposing

If there’s one thing going against you on Valentine’s Day it is that many people already suspect a proposal may happen, and your girlfriend is no exception. I know that it’s a big day and you’re probably going to be nervous but that doesn’t mean that you need to act like a complete mess. Simply act as if you’re doing something special since it’s Valentine’s Day and don’t make any comments about what’s to come so that you don’t ruin the surprise.

Do: Build up anticipation before your proposal

Read these words: Anticipation does NOT ruin the surprise. Many women want to wonder if “this is it” so it’s good to build anticipation. Throughout the night you can keep adding elements that show off your feelings to her. For example, you can bring up stories or look at old pictures of how you two have grown and have had great times together. This doesn’t ruin the surprise, it only adds anticipation to the actual moment. The anticipation then only makes the actual proposal moment more impactful.

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Don’t: Pretend that you’re simply not doing anything

Bad idea in general. You want her to know that you are doing something for her, not just catch her completely off guard when she’s not dressed or done up. Let her know you’re planning something but tell her it’s a surprise.

Do: Say you have something planned but downplay what it is

This will give you the benefit of building anticipation while letting her know that you’re not forgetting to do something for her on this special day. You can keep it vague as long as she knows how she needs to dress and what kind of activity will be involved (ie outdoors, walking, etc).

Don’t: Skimp on going the extra mile

Since it’s Valentine’s Day AND you will be proposing, you really have no excuse to skimp on adding extras. If there are details that you think you can add, such as personalized elements, musicians, or flowers, then absolutely go for it. It’s a special day in itself and will be a special memory down the road so make sure that you pay attention to the details.

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Do: Invest in documenting your proposal

Please, please, please remember to document this day somehow. Ideally, you should at least have a photographer to capture the moment you are on bended knee. If your proposal idea also lends itself to having a videographer as well then go for it too. You will be happy you did down the road when you look back at your pictures or video and retell your engagement story.

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