Valentine and Franthesco

how we met

We met in a club. I went with a friend and him with his co-workers. I remember I didn’t want to go out that night, but my friend insisted, so I ended up going. When I got there, I met a friend of mine who happened to be a friend of Franthesco and he introduced us.

how they asked

We were on a cruise and I really didn’t know that it was going to happen at all! Franthesco planned everything with the photographer while we were on the cruise in the Mediterranean sea.Lorenzo (the photographer) helped him to choose the perfect proposal location and when we arrived in Manarola (Cinque Terre, Italy) he told me that he had thought to have a couple shooting in the town. When we arrived at this amazing spot surrounded by the sea, the photographer asked us to turn our backs and face opposite directions. When he told to turn around, Franthesco was on his knee.

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