Valentina and Jake

How We Met

We met the very first night of our freshmen year of college in the dorm courtyard I remember he had a guitar and mom-made chocolate chip cookies. We hung out a few times that semester but didn’t begin dating until we were both back after winter break. I think the Christmas card I made him really sealed the deal. Though neither of us remembers, we technically met during a campus visit weekend during high school senior spring. A few prospective students were called on stage to celebrate their birthdays and as it turns out both our birthdays were that weekend. We were only born a day apart!

lifeguard stand

how they asked

We were in New Orleans, and we had planned ahead of then that we would get engaged on the trip, but he would do the proposal. I knew it was going to happen at some point, because in January we went and got my grandmother’s ring fixed and resized, knowing it would be the engagement ring. I didn’t want it to be public, or in front of family and friends, I wanted to celebrate it privately.
Early in the trip, we had decided to do a ghost tour, and afterwards, we went to Cafe du Monde, the super-famous place to get beignets and hot chocolate. I could tell something was happening because he was being extra sweet and kept insisting on walking on the river even though it was really cold.

Romantic sepia engagement photo on the beach.

He didn’t get on one knee, but he said some nice things and said, let’s make it official! And then we were engaged.

Beach canopy engagement photo at golden hour.

Titanic pose engagement session at the beach

boardwalk engagement shoot

Boardwalk food stand engagement photo with funnel cake, fries, fudge, waffles and ice cream.

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Cape May Beach
 | Engagement photo location