Valentina and Ivan

How We Met

I first laid eyes on Ivan years ago when we attended the same middle school in our hometown in Northern, NJ. There was something about him that always caught my attention. He is two years older than me so it wasn’t until he was a senior in high school and I a sophomore that we started to hang out around the same group of friends. I took French class in high school and Ivan was the senior class student treasurer and so it happened to be that my French teacher was in charge of the student council association. Ivan would frequently walk into my class and there was an instant connection every time we would cross paths. I was so determined to talk to him that I went out of my comfort zone and posted my phone number on Instagram knowing that we both followed each other. After getting multiple messages from strangers, I was getting so discouraged until I received a text message that read.. “Hi, it’s Ivan B”. My heart dropped and after many great late-night conversations he asked me out on a date. Fast forward 7 years, here we are engaged and more in love than ever before.

How They Asked

Ivan always knew how much I loved Paris, the city of love was a place that I always dreamt about visiting. With that being said, Ivan and I booked a spontaneous trip to the beautiful country of France during my favorite time of the year..the fall. I had mentioned to Ivan how badly I wanted to take professional photos near the Eiffel Tower, so we could have pictures we would cherish forever. Ivan agreed and he booked an amazing photographer named Ioana. All of my family and friends kept making remarks that I was going to come back engaged, but deep down I knew that Ivan and I had agreed to purchase a house first. The morning of our photoshoot came around, and we both dressed up beautifully. We met out photographer Ioana at a nearby cafe, and she guided us to a picture-perfect place right by the Eiffel Tower.

Where to Propose in Paris

Ioana started to shoot our very first pictures and she told Ivan to spin me around, as he spun me around she said: “This is the million-dollar picture”. As I made my way around again, I saw Ivan on one knee holding the most beautiful ring asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. Everything around me froze and I instantly started crying and exclaimed “yes” as the crowd cheered us on.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris

After cleaning both of our tears off we continued with our photoshoot and we had the most incredible engagement photos taken. I have loved every second of our relationship and I cannot wait to marry my high school sweetheart. This journey has been absolutely incredible and I cannot wait for our love story to continuously unfold. Paris, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Special Thanks

 | Photographer