Valentina and Anthony

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How We Met

I met Valentina through a group of mutual friends when we all decided to go on a hike in Great Falls, va together. At the same thing one Valentina had just arrived from her home in Mexico. She was here on an aupair program where she receives a visa to come to the United States in exchange for being a nanny and she also went to school.

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She is the one in the front and I am the on in the back with the red hat. This is our first picture together. The timing behind when we met was perfect. Aupair visas always last 1 year with the option to extend for another year. It would be extremely hard to start a relationship if you were leaving soon. I met her a few days after she arrived.

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how they asked

Valentina’s favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. She reads all of his books. So when I was thinking about where to propose North Carolina was my place of choice. I leave near Washington DC and North Carolina is about 4 hours away. Online I found a northern city in north Caroline called Edenton. It was the setting of the book called The Rescue. A few weeks before the engagement I asked her parents for permission through Skype. Also, I bought two copies of the book The Rescue. I sent one for her to read and I bought one for me. Hers was in Spanish because she reads better in Spanish.

To make sure my idea was a good one I quickly read the book and realized that this was the most beautiful, slow moving, and quaint town I could have picked. It was PERFECT. It even has a River light house which Valentina finds romantic. After reading the book I cut a heart into the pages and place her ring inside of it.

To get Valentina to Edenton I told her that we were going to a mystery place and it would be a long drive. We have done this before so I knew she wouldn’t be suspicious. As we arrived in Edenton she was so exited because she recognized it from her book. We took a tour and saw the historic city. Than, I told her that there was a special event going on in the park and that we would have dinner afterwards so we should dress nice. Also, we were going to reveal gifts to on another. Again, we have scheduled times to ransoms give gifts to each other before so I know she would not be suspicious.

So we made our way out to the park after getting dressed in our nice clothes. When we found a bench we exchanged the presents. I was sooooo nervous and I did not want her to see that. I opened her present first and it was a painting of a Nicholas Sparks quote. When she opened my present it was the Nicholas Sparks book. At first she was confused, especially because it was in English. Then I told her to open the book.

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Thank you to Kip Shaw for kidding and taking pictures. Also he help introduce us as celebrities now in the small town of Edenton. Just like in the book any news like an engagement travels fast in such a small town.

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