Valen and Kody

how we met

I met Kody on Janurary 28, 2017. For months we had been facebook friends, not knowing how either of us became friends in the first place. But, as the months went on, II Saw his posts circling mainly duck hunting and family. I would occasionally like them and think to myself, wow he looks very family oriented, loves the outdoors and of course extremely good looking. All the while thinking to myself, now that is somebody I could see myself with! Over time, those little likes turned into the hearts on his posts; I was determined to get his attention. But after a month or so with nothing in return, I was like oh well, and was no longer going to entertain the idea. Then the very next week, I posted a picture of myself and another raffle girl after one of my National Wild Turkey federation Banquets, a side job that raises money for different wildlife organizations. FINALLY the black dress and cowboy boots got this man’s attention. lol. We started messaging back and forth for the next week until he popped the line “there’s nothing between Brandon and Hattiesburg but air and opportunity.” We met the upcoming weekend.

how they asked

We got engaged on Feburary 10, 2019.Kody’s mom called us one day saying how much she wanted family pictures.Kody immediately acted like it was the end of the world, He hates pictures. So we scheduled the pictures 2 weeks out, MCclain Lodge at 3 o’clock. During these 2 weeks Kody nagged about having to take the pictures and not even knowing what to wear.

The day of pictures, Mrs. Cindy even called us asking if we wanted to reschedule them for another day. I replied with, it’s just one hour, we’ll go, have them taken and be done. But if I only would’ve known it was about to be the absolute best hour of my life. Apparently Kody and his mom had been planning this since October 2018. From him “acting like its the end of the world to have pictures taken, to her acting like she wanted to reschedule, all to throw me off because kody was so paranoid that I was going to catch on. I didn’t. I actually had absolutely no clue. He even had my mom and step dad drive up to spend a day with me, me thinking it was just bad timing and had me thinking that it was my idea for them to just come hangout while we take pictures and then all go have dinner afterwards. After snapping some shots of Kody’s sister Kayla, BIL Patrick, and niece Evie.. and then a few with Mrs. Cindy and Justin, Kodys mom and stepdad, the photographer mentioned over to Kody and I that it was our turn next. Kody said that she had a signal to let Kody know that it was time by saying “this is perfect” 3 times. Kody said when he heard that 3rd perfect, all life had left his body. He then spun me around and told me how beautiful I look, like he always does, (I have a keeper yall) and then looked over at our family and spun me again saying :doesn’t she just look beautiful today yall?” After the second spin Kody took me by my hands and said “you’re my best friend” and I replied with “you’re my best friend too baby.” I then looked down at Kody’s trembling hands and asked “uh babe, why are your hands shaking like that, and then it hit me! He had the slightest little smile. So many thoughts were running through my head at this point. I was like, is this it? Is he really about propose???OMG VAL DONT PASS OUT!! He then went to say that “I want to be able to tell you how beautiful you are, everyday….for the rest of my life.” i said huh… really hushed and quick. Trying to calculate what he really just said and if in fact he did just ask me to spend forever with him. He repeated that i was his best friend and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, all while getting down on one knee, (all life currently leaving my body, i cant breathe at this point, and im numb) and he asked the magical question, “Valen, will you marry me?” and OF COURSE I SAID YES!

Kody had even purchased his Pearl white F250 a week before he proposed to have something else throw me off. After he proposed he stated ” she got the white gold and i got the white platinum”

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Ocean Springs MS
 | Venue
Jackson Jewelers
 | Ring Designer
Jessica Simpson
 | Shoes
 | Transportation