Val and Shane


How We Met

It sounds silly but our symbol of how we met is a T-Bar Row at the gym. It was summer break during college and we were both back home in Orillia, Ontario at the gym doing our own workout. Shane was standing with his friends near the T-Bar when I approached him to ask him if I was aloud to move it throughout the gym for more space. Shane responded with a witty comment to teach me how to use the machine, which obviously annoyed me because I already knew how. I made a ‘sassy’ comment back saying that I knew because I study Health and Fitness Promotion in college, and to surprise he studied the same thing at a different college (talk about instant conversation starter!!). We continued on with our separate workouts and at the end he approached me and asked for my number. Being hesitant and shy I gave him my number and continued on with my day.

Shane and I hung out casually (first date was to the drive in), learning about each other each and every day. Shane and I both knew that we had something special, a connection with someone we had never felt before. A couple months later he asked me to be my girlfriend.

We continued to grow together, graduating college, getting a job in our careers, moving to a new city and getting our fur baby Nelson. June 2016 our lives completely changed when Shane got a call for his job to go overseas for 7 months. I was so heart broken, we had been by each others sides for a few years now and I had to continue life without him… Shane left a few weeks after the call. Half way through the deployment we had two weeks to spend together so we spent a few months planning our trip to Italy and France (well he planned haha). September finally came and off I went to visit my love overseas.


how they asked

September 11th, I arrived in Venice, Italy anxiously waiting to see Shane waiting for me after I grabbed my bag. I ran out of the airport as fast as I could looking through a crowd of people to find him. We both had the BIGGEST smiles on our face and finally we were reunited!! We made our way to a beautiful apartment in Murano, freshened up and then made our way over to the main island. We were both dressed fairly fancy and for some reason Shane was carrying a backpack (fashion gone wrong!!!!) so I made fun of him for looking so silly. Shane told me he had an entire day planned and to just relax and enjoy. We started with a beautiful Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, we then went to dinner surrounded by beautiful gardens.

At dinner they brought me out beautiful red roses with a gem on one of the flowers. A table yelled out ‘OMG IS THAT A RING’, “no..” I answered awkwardly. Shane was planning on asking me then but that apparently ruined the moment haha!! After dinner we did some site seeing and decided to make our way back to the apartment which caused us to get lost for 3 hours. Finally we found our way back to the quiet island of Murano late at night when we couldn’t find the key to get inside. We sat on the beautiful cobble stone streets beside the canal laughing our butts off at how ridiculous we are, it was then that Shane told me to stand and reached in that silly backpack he had been carrying all night. He got onto one knee and asked “Will You Marry Me?”. “Are you serious?!?! YESSS”.


Shane and I continued our beautiful trip traveling through Italy and France. I’m back home now and he’s still overseas. Two months until he’s back home where we can continue where our lives left off in June and continue to grow more and more in love.


Shane, I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our crazy lives together.