Upinder and Gurbir

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How We Met

Little did we know, one click on a blue heart on a random Friday would forever change our lives. What started simply as a match on Coffee Meets Bagel, led to days of non-stop texting, unlimited butterflies, and the start of our love story. Just five days after we matched, we went on our first date – a Warriors & Raptors game (teams from our respective hometowns). Over the next few months, we hung out and spent all our free time together. We finally became official on May 9, 2019, when I asked Gurbir to be my boyfriend while grabbing a coffee (seems fitting considering we matched on Coffee Meets Bagel) at 7-Eleven, the world’s most romantic place.

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The rest was history and we began exploring all of California one date at a time. In March 2020, Gurbir went on a quick trip back home to Canada, planning to return to California just two weeks later. Little did we (alongside the rest of the world) know, these two weeks would quickly turn into ten months. With the border being closed and the world being in lockdown, we finally reunited in California in January 2021. Our parents met on FaceTime, but we patiently awaited for the border to open so our families could finally meet. After numerous delays, the border finally opened and the two of us were rokhed (our Punjabi engagement ceremony) in an intimate ceremony in Gurbir’s backyard.

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How They Asked

I currently live in Washington, D.C. and Gurbir in California. When I found out I had a random week off from law school, I decided to surprise Gurbir back home. I booked my flights and told two of our mutual friends. Unknown to me, our friends knew of Gurbir’s plan to propose to me during my spring break in March. Our friends went back and forth, but ultimately decided to tell Gurbir of my surprise trip back home, which led Gurbir to make the decision to move the proposal up by three weeks. The two of us spent weeks secretly planning our own surprises: me – my surprise trip back home & Gurbir – a surprise proposal at Viansa Winery in Sonoma, CA. When I arrived in California on February 18, 2022, Gurbir pretended to be truly shocked and surprised (he really should be nominated for an Oscar for his performance). The next day, we headed to Sonoma and itwas a day as clear as ever. On the drive over, I joked, “What a beautiful day to propose,” to which Gurbir responded with a laugh.

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We got to Viansa Winery and after enjoying our lunch, one of the winery’s staff members offered us a tour of the property. We stumbled upon a beautiful array of flowers and Gurbir suggested I stand in front of them for a picture. At first, I dismissed the idea as I wasn’t really in the mood to take pictures after flying the day prior, but Gurbir insisted. I stood in front of the flowers and was ready with a pose and a smile.

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I thought he was taking his phone, but instead he took out a ring! Gurbir got down on one knee and said, “Well you know how you said it was a beautiful day to propose today … Will you marry me?” In absolute shock, I said yes!! He had planned a surprise post-proposal party with our loved ones and we spent the rest of the day celebrating with our friends and family.

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Special Thanks

Stephanie Hopkins
 | Photographer