Up-Themed Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Up-Themed Marriage ProposalI had been dating Laura for more than two and a half years and to be completely honest, and as cliche and cheesy as it may sound, I knew I would marry her the minute I met her.

She and I have very different personalities, but we fit perfectly together. She is an amazing woman that constantly makes me smile and every day with her is better than the last. That being said, I wanted to propose to her in a unique way that really was personal to us and designed for her.

Now we may be adults (in our late 20s) but she is a Pixar nut and her absolute favorite movie is “UP”. We have watched it several times and at this point, we could practically recite it and let’s face it…it is a fantastic movie.

Now I am not the kind of person to do something halfway so once I committed to making our special moment themed to the movie “UP”, I had to make sure I got every piece right. It took weeks of flea market hopping, garage sale searches, eyeing up antique stores and department stores, but I was able to find the details needed to recreate the living room scene…I even learned how to reupholster! (a story in itself).

It was a day that would stress me out for weeks and the weather would not comply until the very last minute, but I was able to set everything up, with the help of my father and best friend, including 100 multicolored balloons, within minutes of picking her up.

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I could not have asked for a better day and moment for the most amazing woman in my life. the proposal went off without a hitch, tears were shed and kisses galore! And thankfully I had the smart sense of hiring my friend, who is a professional photographer, to secretly shoot the entire occasion so we now have beautiful pictures to commemorate the day.

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Photos by Michael Scicolone Media