UP Inspired Marriage Proposal from The Yes Girls


How We Met: Steve and Janel met far before we ever actually knew each other. Their paths crossed constantly as they grew up but they didn’t meet until the time was just right. We had similar circles of friends in high school, Janel grew up with a circle of friends that attended Steve’s high school and even attended a Prom that Steve DJed without ever knowing who he was.

Finally years later they had similar interests and circles of friends and finally went on a first date that lasted 24 hours. Steve and Janel, both being highly active and Aries just keep going and going. Their first date was similar to how their current vacations end up…what else can we fit in?! On their first date they went to Brewer’s baseball game, dinner, followed by dancing, movies, and chatting about all they had in common until they realized the sun was coming out and they could get breakfast. They headed to Cafe Pfister–one of their favorite breakfast gems in Milwaukee and instantly became inseparable. They even both had the same dishes so when they moved in together–broken dishes were never an issue!

how they asked: Steve decided he would propose to Janel on her favorite holiday, Halloween, but his marriage proposal was not what you may think. There were no creepy ghosts in this proposal, but rather one the cutest Disney love stories brought to life. With a little research and relationship intel from Steve – an event professional himself and owner of Willie Fun EventsThe Yes Girls had the pleasure of assisting him create and plan this amazing marriage proposal!

Pixar’s UP is Janel’s favorite story of true love as it reminds her of her grandparent’s romance. Her grandfather would always put his wife first and visited her daily in the nursing home–taking her for rides and adventures. After Janel’s grandmother passed, Janel and Steve did the same with grandpa–taking him on fun adventures to the horse races, restaurants, church festivals, holiday events, and even spent every Valentine’s Day with him at the Milwaukee Dome’s celebration filled with chocolates, flowers, and live music since grandpa loved to dance.



Steve chose their favorite Las Vegas hotel to pop the big question, bringing her favorite story to life. Janel and Steve planned to get married on her grandfather’s 95th birthday – July, 20th 2013. Unfortunately, Janel’s grandfather passed away a week before so they have set a new date to get married in Disney World on Valentine’s Day. They will celebrate with close family and friends as Janel’s grandfather and Steve’s grandmother watch from heaven as they most likely will be enjoying McDonald’s to celebrate….they both ate there on a daily basis.





Janel was kind enough to answer a few questions about their marriage proposal. We figured we should get her side of the story to see if the proposal really got the stamp of approval from the female’s perspective! It’s fun to read how perfect the marriage proposal really was in her eyes:

1. You and Steve have been together for awhile now, could you tell he was up to something?
I knew we’d get engaged before Christmas. Christmas and New Years were too cliche. Halloween was perfect, it is my favorite holiday!

2. What was your favorite part/element of the proposal?
I loved all the intricate details. Everything was perfect. Everything matched down to the chairs. If I have to chose one element, I think it was the theme. Up! truly is my favorite love story. I also loved that we got photos taken by a photographer as it happened. Photos are key for capturing the moment! It was also great that Steve bought me my favorite shoes just in time for the big moment, Louboutins!

3. Did the proposal meet your expectations of what you hoped your proposal would be one day?
Absolutely. Everything was perfect. The location was our favorite location/hotel. They captured my favorite movie and brought it to life! I feel like my reaction was a bit subdued, but I was truly shocked at the presentation and all the detail. It was simply lovely and magical.

Since the wedding was called off, Steve added some extra romance to their love story by celebrating another proposal for their new wedding date in Disney–think of it as a proposal renewal instead of vows. As Janel and Steve ran through Disney to get to Cinderella’s Royal Table, the theme song of Up played throughout the park and Janel knew grandpa was shining down on her from above. Everything happens for a reason.

IMG_2520IMG_2530 Up_Engagement_02
Proposal planning by The Yes Girls
Photography by Tara Romasanta